Turkey can become a logistical base

One of the leading names in the transportation world that Italian Albini & Pitigliani company in its 15th year of a subsidiary of the Galata Transport agency "We found a place to go every time," the slogan of Turkey, especially in transport towards third countries gave impetus to work in order to contribute to the vision of being a logistics base.
Galata Transport CEO Vittorio Zagaia, world trade in an increasingly exporting and Turkey for the prominent African market, stating that they are developing new models to take a more active role in both import shipments "to be a base for moving Turkey towards third countries is our goal," he said.
The press conference held for the 15th anniversary of Galata Tasimacilik was held with the participation of Albini & Pitigliani Company CEO Edoardo Albini and Galata Tasimacilik founding partners and top managers Aram Kalendreoğlu, Vittorio Zagaia and Volkan Sarıcı. Edoardo Albini, CEO of Albini & Pitigliani, stated that they were very happy with the 50 percent partnership they made with Galata Tasimacilik at the meeting and said that both companies benefit from the close proximity of their world visions.
Stating that the company was founded in 1945, 700 thousand people were employed and the consolidated turnover was 700 million dollars last year, Edoardo Albini stated that 100 percent of their shares operate as a family company owned by family members.
These offices are located in Europe, the USA and the Far East. There Galata Transport in Turkey. We are the future of Turkey 15 years ago, seeing the bright days that have invested in the economy today. Today, many new foreign companies while I see the potential of the new Lay Turkey, we are very happy to do 15 years ago this investment.
My father great foresight in this regard and I thank Turkey we are always happy to invest for us. Turkey is one of three countries where we see the most important in our foreign investment. Turkey is an important player for us this issue with the UK and Denmark. Our company works with the world's best known brands such as Prada, Valentino, MaxMara, Celine, Armani in textiles and fashion.
For example, we established a special logistics center for Gucci in Switzerland. And here we perform not only storage and transport, but also a number of functions such as packaging, labeling, ironing. We bring modern and comprehensive new perspectives and models to logistics and transportation. ”
Stating that Galata Tasimacilik CEO Vittorio Zagaia has been producing logistics solutions with more than 1997 business partners and 5 personnel on 50 continents since 150, and they have been providing services in the field of multimodal transportation including land, sea and air, said that they are the biggest company that carries the ship without its TIR and its aircraft. Zagaia said, “We transport 100 thousand tons of trucks per year. Partial shipments account for 10 percent of this.
The transports we make by sea reach 15 thousand tons per year. IATA air cargo agents in over 200 locations in Turkey in the first 15're getting. Not only in imports of transport for carrying exports from Turkey or Turkey, making transport to third countries via Turkey. Also play an important role in Turkey's exports as well as imports of transportation services important in terms of both quality and cost-effectiveness. When you make an export transportation to a country, your ship or truck does not return emptyly, is decisive in terms of cost management.
Here, the cost advantage is not only in the form of imports to Turkey, Turkey as a logistics base can also be achieved by taking a role in shipments to third countries, "he said.
Expansion into new markets it is important to emphasize Vittorio Zagaia "For example, the textile production center in recent years, an important first shipment to Turkey from Bangladesh we perform. We are the first company to transport with TIR from Pakistan, where it takes a long time to ship by plane, which is costly to transport by plane. Meanwhile, we have been working on the African market for the past 1.5 years. European economies are in crisis. Africa stands out in the search for new markets in foreign trade. Total opened in Turkish Airlines recently
Opened 30 of 19 new flight destinations in Africa. As a transportation and logistics company, we primarily follow the routes our national airline opens. There are currently $ 30 billion foreign trade volume between Turkey and African countries. There are plans to increase this figure to $ 50 billion in the coming period. while exports from Turkey goes up to 80-90 days. This, in turn, creates a situation against Turkish companies in the competition.
As an important step of opening up to African countries, we have determined 3-4 logistics points on this continent. One of them is Morocco. We're moving from Turkey to Morocco and North Africa, and thus Tr. We make this period more economical by passing between Italy and Morocco by ship. We also reach other countries in the region from Morocco. Another logistics point in Cameroon. From here, we can transport to countries such as Ivory Coast, Mal, Burkina Fasso. This initiative will bring significant advantages to companies operating in Turkey in the transport in both directions, "he said.
Stating that the company got its name from the Galata Tower, which has been the capital of empires for centuries, the Galata Tower, which is seen as a symbol of power, science and magnificence, Zagaia said: aims to provide competitive advantage. With the slogan 'We Always Find a Way', we want to carry transportation to every destination in the world and offer our customers more than logistics.
Today, while serving in 5 offices and 175 million 196 thousand 2 transportation points in 469 countries on 501 continents, we are acting with the vision that there are new places to visit. ” Stating that Galata Tasimacilik adopts a customer-oriented service approach with the transportation models it creates, Zagaia said, “We aim to increase the competitiveness in the main fields of activity by working as the logistics department of importer and exporter companies. Taking care of all the details of the business, we are one step ahead of the customers, we think and plan everything for them and aim to create competitive advantage. ”

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr



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