Turkey - Georgia (Kars - Tbilisi) Railway Project Old and Şenbay the tender for the construction of the superstructure supply Mining - Ermita Engineering won the joint venture

General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments March 26 2012 collected offerings in history, "Turkey - Georgia (Kars-Tbilisi) Railway Sub and Superstructure Completion of Construction of" studies related to the evaluation of the tender offer is completed.
According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; Şenbay Madencilik - Ermit Engineering joint venture won the tender with the offer of 549.266.529.
The authorities noted that the approval of the authority is expected on the outcome of the tender and that after the approval, the joint venture will be invited for the contract. As it is known, the other companies that bid for the tender which is determined as the approximate cost 711.740.804,09 lira were as follows:
1. Comsa - Opening - Seza İnşaat
2. Cengiz İnşaat - Makyol Construction
3. China Railway - Mapa Construction
4. Gülermak Construction - Kolin Construction
5. Özaras Construction - YSE Construction - Çelikler İnşaat

Source : Investments


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