Fugitive goods on trains search with giant x-ray

TURKEY, to preserve their customs goes to train in countries around the world 5-6 X-ray systems.
Customs and Trade Minister Hayati Yazici, Turkey said that the first train X-ray Scanning System, initiated the establishment of the Iranian border in Van Kapıköy. Printer, the system will cost about 4 million euros will be put into operation at the end of the year, he said. Minister Yazıcı said that the Train X-Ray System, which was started to be constructed within the scope of the EU Pre-Accession Financial Assistance Program, would be a vital system in determining the entry of substances that are not suitable for human, community and environmental health, and would contribute greatly to the security of the country. Minister Hayati Yazici, the system will be installed on the moving train can scan, stating that the train entry and exit without loss of time, controls and inspections said.
Control on the go
Train scanning systems in the world, an expression that is used by 5-6 countries printer, said system, EU members that Greece and not in Turkey's borders, including Bulgaria, said he would also pioneered in Turkey on this issue. Minister Yazici, the train scanning system, all freight wagons entering the country, X-ray (x-ray) will be scanned, drugs, weapons, ammunition and radioactive substances, such as illegal entry of all illegal goods will be blocked said. The system will scan the moving train with radiography rays, wagons and passenger baggage will detect the leakage of goods in the center and the images will reflect on the monitors.

Source: Stargazete

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