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Istanbul Technical University, Department of Transportation Department and Bursa Transportation Master Plan Advisor. Dr. Haluk Gerçek, people in urban transport will be encouraged to transfer people, he said. True to the center of the city today, as many dozens of lines taking place and this is not acceptable, indicating that the truth, in the future will be the base of Bursaray and it will be fed by tram and bus lines, he said.
The Bursa Transportation Master Plan, which will shape the future of Bursa transportation, was scrutinized in the 'Transportation Planning' seminar organized by the Bursa Branch of the Chamber of Civil Engineers. Professor of Transportation at Istanbul Technical University Department of Transportation and Bursa Transportation Master Plan Consultant. Dr. In the seminar in which Haluk Gercek participated as a speaker, the point at which the Bursa Transportation Master Plan has been continuing for 1,5 years was evaluated.
Expressing that it is necessary to reduce the use of cars as much as possible in order to increase the quality of life of the cities. Dr. The truth stressed that cars are killing cities. Emphasizing that it is extremely important for urban planning and transportation planning to be integrated with each other, he pointed out that the resources available should be used correctly, appropriately and optimally. Noting that the primary goal of transportation planning is not to solve traffic, but to ensure that people have access to the areas they need, Truth said, “Unfortunately, in our plans, we have tried to adapt the cities to cars. However, the use of automobiles had to be adapted to the cities. ” said.
According to 2010 data, while the number of cars per thousand is 113, it is estimated that it will reach 2030s in the 140s, and also reminded that the hours of traffic in Bursa were between 18.00 - 19.00. He said that 43 percent of the trips in Bursa are less than 10 minutes and mostly pedestrian travels.
Professor Dr. Truth summarized the general principles of Bursa Transportation Master Plan as follows: “Feeding of the Light Rail System, which will be extended in accordance with the development of the city, in the north-south direction by tram, bus and minibus lines. Promoting the use of the public transport system by planning the appropriate transfer and parking areas. By creating parking capacities in and around the city center area, reducing the entrance of private vehicles to the central regions and improving the use of pedestrian-bicycles. ”
He explained that there are dozens of parallel lines in the city center as of today and that this is not an acceptable situation, and that the foundation will be Bursaray in the future and this will be fed by tram and bus lines. The truth is, “Lines parallel to each other will be reduced as much as possible and people will be encouraged to transfer. The transfers must be easy and economical in terms of tariff, time and physical integration. ” he spoke.
As of today, the fact that the population that can reach Bursa in 2 hours is 4.5 million, and the population that can reach in 4 hours is around 28.3 million. He said that 2 million people can reach in 18.4 hours.

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