Tram crossing the middle lane

While counting down for the 6.6 kilometer Sculpture-Garage tram line, which will change the appearance of the city center and arriving at the tender stage, DSP PM Member Murat Özbilge suggested that the tram line be built instead of the right lane of the street.
25 tender The 6.6 kilometer-long Sculpture-Garage ring line, which will be held in June, is planned to pass through the right lane, while DSP PM Member Murat Özbilge suggested that the tram project pass through the middle lane at Altıparmak instead of the right lane of the street. Özbilge, in this case, the project will be more productive and will be more active in the Sixparmak Street, he said.
Murat Özbilge stated that both the party and Altıparmak shopkeepers are not against the tram and said, lazım We need to implement this project in a way that will provide the best benefit to Altıparmak and Bursa. Our proposal to the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe without a tender, the passing of the tram, ”he said.
Özbilge also stated that there are hesitations about whether the tram will work properly due to the inclination of İnönü Street and that the necessary engineering calculations and feasibility should be calculated well.
The official name of the line, T1, Sculpture-Inonu Street-Uluyol-City Square-Wednesday Market-Silk-Stadium-Stadium-Altiparmak-Çakırhamam-Sculpture will make a ring and 13 will be stopped. On this line, the single and bellows 24 wagon with a length of 30-8 meters will be in constant motion. The 2 wagon will remain in tow. Stops can be increased or decreased according to the need arising during use. Rides from the stops to the tram will be not like the turnstile system as in Bursaray, but as in buses.

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