Logistics Center Issue In Trabzon Has Been Discussed

In the meeting, which was chaired by Recep Kızılcık, the governor of Trabzon, the issue of logistics center was discussed.
The meeting was held by Trabzon Governorship, Eastern Black Sea Development Agency, Trabzon Municipality, Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TTSO), Dünya Newspaper and Eastern Black Sea Exporters Association (DKİB) under the name of "The Future of Trabzon Logistics".
The meeting chaired by Governor Kızılcık, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy Bülent Uğurlu Ecevit, Trabzon Deputy Mayor Seyfullah Kınalı, TTSO President Suat Hacısalihoğlu, DKİB President Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan, Eastern Black Sea Development Agency Secretary General Çetin Oktay Pavement as well as Ministry of Development, local administrations, public institutions and organizations, non-governmental organizations and private sector representatives participated.
Governor Kızılcık stated that they acted with a visionary perspective for the Logistics Center Project, which will affect the future of Trabzon for 30-40 years, and that the Logistics Center Feasibility Study will be completed by the 15th of August.
In order to reach the goal in the logistics center, he said that Trabzon should act with a wide vision and added:
“Our vision for Trabzon, our businessmen, non-governmental organizations, experts, in short, we all need to have a broad vision. While aiming to make Trabzon a logistics center, we agreed together this vision. In order to realize this vision, we need to study scientifically. We must be able to move fast in order to reach our 2023 goals and develop our region. We do not have a problem in terms of road, we do not have a serious problem in sea transportation. However, we need to increase our capacity. The expert explained that an increase capacity is foreseen on the sea, rail and road. We need instruments that will serve these purposes to achieve these capacities. ”
Governor Kızılcık noted that they are aiming to revive Trabzon's historical İpekyolu, which has a significant potential, and said:
“Starting from the Silkroad in the past, we say, 'Why should we not revive a new İpekyolu?' We will be a city that is located on the west-east axes where Trabzon-centered south-north axes unite, and when we combine the railroad in 2018, it will also offer four transportation options. As a city with a history of 4 thousand years, trading in Marseille and Genoese, renowned for its traders, needing new expansion again, we aim to realize the project as soon as possible by conducting scientific research for the logistics center. We aim to complete scientific studies by the end of August. We have started to work by allocating resources to turn this study into a project form by making scientific cost analysis and impact analysis. We will go to study trips to analyze the location.

Source : www.haberciniz.biz

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