Why is there no sound from the tram line extension?

The residents of Emek Mahallesi took action, saying that the tram works started 3 months ago have stopped for 2 and a half months. Citizens gathered in the region, "While stating that the road, which is the lifeblood of the neighborhood, should be completed as soon as possible, Halil Kılıç, the Head of the Chamber of Tornacles, said," Metropolitan officials should explain why the work stopped. " Citizens reacted to the situation, stating that the works started within the scope of the Tram Line Extension Project in Emek Mahallesi Ertaş Street have come to a halt for two and a half months. Halil Kılıç, head of the Chamber of Tornors, said that the shopkeepers on the street were negatively affected by the situation. ”The extension of the tram line has come to a halt. We are not against the service provided. However, while serving, we support citizens to be the least victims. We want the service to be completed as soon as possible. The trades here are victimized. After the excavation of the roads, jobs decreased by 70 percent. Why has the work come to a halt for two and a half months? ”
Let them see the situation
Esnaf Aydoğan Çolak, who owns a shop on Ertaş Street; Expressing that they congratulated the contractor company, which extended the tram line for its failures, “This road has been excavated for two and a half months. We cannot make sense that the work on this most important street of Emek Mahallesi runs so hard. We became victims. Let the authorities come and see this situation on the spot. ” Pharmacist Ceren Aktuna, who has a pharmacy in Ertaş Street, stated that patients could not come to take drugs. Aktuna said: “Even the customers who came to my pharmacy close to the Health Center decreased. I made a temporary bridge by making a request from the municipality. Patients and we became victims. The construction works of this street should be finished as soon as possible.

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  1. Hello,
    The reason for coming to a standstill in the labor region is due to the time-consuming process of the infrastructure depletions that a few friends have mentioned. Especially the sewerage and rainwater pipes should be removed from the route of the tramway to be constructed, and should be taken more deeply according to its function. (In order to be able to intervene in future faults)
    The excavation of one of the ESTUP approximately 4 has been completed and filling and concrete pouring has started after the removal of the infrastructure lines. Studies are continuing rapidly. In the future, traffic closures and new excavations will continue.
    Ertaş Cad. Although there is no share of reality in the news related to it, it is natural for the tradesman to be uncomfortable and slow down. However, it is not possible to do these works without closing certain areas to traffic without taking security measures.
    Another issue that caught my attention in the newspaper news shared; They are statements that we applied to the Municipality and built a pedestrian crossing. The process has not developed in this way; Pedestrian bridges are manufactured and installed in areas where the demand for passage is intense and deemed necessary (Health Centers, FHCs, places where mosques are intense). There are frequent requests for bridges in certain regions from our citizens, and pedestrian bridges will continue to be placed at regular intervals in a way that will not endanger the life health of those who will be in transit.
    However, due to the continuation of the works, the bridges constructed in certain regions are collected (for the transition of the work machines and for the works to continue rapidly) and they are re-established after the process is completed. I hope you understand.