Buraj Makinesi Hospitalized By A Woman

The salvage machine used in railway repair and maintenance in Salihli hit an old woman in the crosswalk. Drifting in front of the machine about 5 meters, the woman survived the accident with a slight scratch.
The dam machine used by Cabir Özveren hit Münevver Aşuk (59) passing through the pedestrian crossing in front of Altınordu Primary School. With the impact of the crash, the women who were under the dam machine, the health teams and citizens came to the scene. It was learned that Aşuk, who was hospitalized, had no life threats.
Citizens, on the other hand, work in the city center because of the railroad crossing and crosswalk with a large number of pedestrian crossing sirens do not work, such accidents often happen, he said. Last weekend, a passenger train crashed into a vehicle at the Menderes level crossing and the driver was injured.

Source : I www.medyaxnumx.co



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