Award to scabs from TCDD

23 The mechanics who “strike break D in public employees strike in May were rewarded as inde canteen X in TCDD's camps
Bülent Çuhadar, Head of the Izmir Branch of the United Transport Association (BTS), claimed that those who made a strike-breaking were rewarded with ent immoral offers rev by TCDD.
Emphasizing that the injustice implemented by TCDD brings to the point of breaking the peace of work, Çuhadar emphasized that the conflict stage has come to the workplaces in the workplaces and 23 announced that the mechanic striking vurgu strike breakers UM in the public employees strike was rewarded as ışın canteen T in the camps of TCDD.
Çuhadar, before the 25 2009 XNUMX strike "referee" in the train chief Şemsi Dursun'un appointed as the train controller, he said.

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