REPUBLIC OF TURKEY MINISTRY OF REALIZATION 2006 13 Research Area 1: Rail Transportation (Cont.) Project No: 2

1. Project Description:
Design and prototype production of new generation passenger car with light body.
2. The goal of the project:
Increasing the locomotive power, reducing the stress applied to the road superstructure and saving energy.
3. Selection Reason:
The low specific gravity of composites provides a great advantage in use in lightweight constructions. Corrosion resistance, heat, sound and electrical insulation of fiber reinforced composite materials provide an advantage for their respective applications. The tensile and bending strength of composites is much higher than that of many metallic materials.
Due to the molding properties, composites can be supplied with the required strength in the desired direction. By saving material, lighter and cheaper products are obtained. Large and complex parts can be molded into a single process.
This is due to materials and workmanship. kazanprovides three. Composites are not damaged by weather effects, corrosion and most chemical effects. Composite materials have a natural vibration damping and shock absorbing feature due to ductility. The heat resistance feature of composites, which can be composed of materials with low heat transmission coefficient, allows them to be used under high temperatures.
4. Project Steps
? Examination of the material properties used in the design of existing wagons,? Stress and vibration analysis in different loading conditions of existing wagons,
? Selection of lightweight and durable material to be used in the car body
? The stress analysis of the new wagon design with the selected light materials under the virtual loads and the determination of the suitability of the carts,? Production of prototypes and tests on the results of the design.
5. Budget Items:
Powerful computer hardware for testing and modeling in a virtual environment, Tests and practical work.
6. Applying Results:
Implementation and exportation of the model developed in the prototype on the lines and trains in the operation of TCDD.

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