MINISTRY OF REALIZATION 2006 12 Research Area 1: Rail Transportation Project no: 2

1. Project Description:
Design and Production of Sintered Brake Shoes.
2. The goal of the project:
With this production, the life of the brake shoes will be extended, wheel hanging will be minimized and maintenance costs will be reduced.
3. Selection Reason:
In most European countries, sinter brake shoes with longer lasting wear characteristics such as composite brake shoes have been used instead of the peak brake pads used in locomotives.
This technology, which is new in our country, has been started to be applied in our limited number of locomotives since the beginning of 2006 year: 22 thousand sintered brake shoe is purchased in the first stage and it is expected to save 86 Million YTL by applying only to the limited number of locomotives. The application will be widespread, and all the locomotives will be applied annually 65 thousand sinter brake shoe will be needed.
4. Project Steps:
? Determination of wear life and friction coefficient of existing brake shoes,
? Determination of suitable sintering method, Sintered brake shoes in the laboratory environment and friction
coefficient test.
5. Budget Items
? Sintering service purchase, Ascending and friction test device purchase, Auxiliary staff.
6. Format of Results
The life of the brake shoes shall be extended, wheel hanging shall be minimized and shall be used for the operation of TCDD.

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