Today in History: 7 July 1939 İskenderun Port and Payas-İskenderun line ...

7 June The first contract of the 1857 Constanta-Chernovas line was prepared.
According to the news of 7 June 1931 Hakimiyet-i Milliye, farmers had no crop in the places where railways built in the east of Ankara passed. This was the first time seen in provinces such as Sivas and Amasya.
7 June 1937 Hekimhan-Çetinkaya line is opened.
7 June 1939 Law No. 3633 on the regulation of the State Railways Administration was published.
7 July 1939 3714 numbered law on the transfer of Iskenderun Port and Payas-Iskenderun line to State Railways administration.



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