Today in History: 5 June 1939 Changes to the 9 July 1922 agreement on Tbilisi Railway were made.

5 June 1939 Changes to Tbilisi Railway's 9 July 1922 agreement have been made.
5 June 1940 Law No. 3879 on Zonguldak-Kozlu Railway was published.
5 June 1981 TCDD Ankara Guest House is in service.
5 June 2009 A ceremony was held in Ankara Gar for children coming to our country from the Middle East and African countries and Turkish Republics for the çocuklar International Turkish Olympics X.
On June 5, 1880, the Minister of Nafia, Hasan Fehmi Pasha, stated that he has to construct the Hicaz Railway Line with the railway line that will cross Anatolia and reach Baghdad in the future of the Ottoman State's investment and public works projects.

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