METRO and ANKARAY Spare Parts Localization Exhibition

Ankaray Light Rail System Project
Ankaray Light Rail System Project

METRO and ANKARAY Spare Parts Native Exhibition: As stated in the ABB Project Office Activity Plan, METRO and ANKARAY Spare Parts Native Exhibition which is imported from abroad will be held on June 12 - 13. In addition to providing information about the parts to the exhibitors, the availability of the exhibited parts with domestic production will be examined. Companies wishing to participate in the exhibition can be reached by their own means and buses from OSTIM Regional Directorate will be removed. Companies who want to go to the exhibition by bus are required to register by phone.
Participation and transportation are free.

METRO Spare Parts Exhibition

Address: Mehmet Akif ERSOY Mah. 296. Street No: 9 Operating and Maintenance Facilities Macunköy / ANKARA Tel: 0 312 354 59 33

ANKARAY Spare Parts Exhibition

Address: ANKARAY MANAGEMENT CENTER / Sogutozu / (ASTI, Metal-Is Union and ARMADA side) Tel: 0 312 224 11 70

Transportation: Buses will be departed from OSTIM OSB Regional Directorate in 09.30.

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