Minister Yıldırım: 7 has invested a billion pounds in 55 project

Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, stated that they see the service as important in Istanbul, and that they will realize more of the 7 project. Lightning, among them 3. bridge, 3. 55 reported that they have invested a billion lira in these projects, including the airport and Marmaray.
Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Yildirim met with a group of students of Balkan origin from Fatih University. Yıldırım addressed the students at the Büyükçekmece Campus of the university and said that both the world and the intercultural dialogue are progressing.
Stating that the borders have lost their meaning with the contributions of informatics and internet, Yıldırım said, ül Some countries eliminate the internet even though they are focusing on arbitration. Because the 2,5 billion people talk to each other at any moment, shopping, exchange information. UM He said.
Stating that the importance and value of communication in every part of the world increased, Yıldırım continued:
Di Communication has even moved to a position that overthrows dictatorships and organizes non-meeting masses. The young people who did not know each other were organized from the internet and launched a new wave. Eventually, there were regime changes.
Our world is from Turkey who relatives of individuals and communities around the foundation of integration, not assimilation in the context of our understanding. The world has suffered a lot from assimilation. Look, the 500 of the Ottoman Empire in the Balkans is close to next year. Races, societies together, but no confusion. But these are 2. It was isolated from the world by communist and socialist regimes after World War II. Turkey stopped the dialogue with the region. In the 1991 the societies broke into the Soviet Union. The violence was applied.
Currently, a Bosnian or Albanian origin than the rate of population in Turkey and in the United States. The Ottoman 5 has kept people together for centuries and did not impose. Language, religion and race did not impose. He has placed them under the wing, allowing them to exist in peace and tranquility.
The understanding of the Ottoman Empire and the understanding of other countries are separate. In our culture, individuals have no domination or brutality. Yes, people's skin color, eye color may be different, but let's not forget the color of the eyes flowing from our eyes is the same. We will see this and spread the peace wherever we are in the world. Bunu
200-300 in various parts of the United States pointed out that students come to Turkey's Transportation, Maritime and Communication Minister, "We are meeting with colleagues, strengthening cultural ties. The individual is the enemy of not knowing. I hope that as we get to know each other, we will better understand and be friends. Ça
As a power, Xinum Yildirim said that 9 had realized important projects in the year and said:
Güçlü Behind this is the trust and continuity created in the country, and the strong political will play an important role. Thus, 50 yearly problems were exceeded one by one.
We repaired Mostar, which was destroyed by the hatred of Ottomans. He wasn't good enough, so we made Kanije work. Again Prishtina airport was made by us. Air bridges are created and flight is made. Earlier, Turkey's flight number was 60, 184 was the moment. THY's legacy was not read at the moment an international player of Europe's 3., The world's 9. airline company. The number of planes was taken from 59 to 180.
On the other hand, Istanbul is an important city for the world. We have served many civilizations, serving this city. We are investing only 7 billion liras for the 55 project to be implemented in the city as a ministry. 3. airport, 3. For the 7 project including bridge, Marmaray and Canal Istanbul, we are spending 55 billion pounds. "
Lastly, Yıldırım also touched upon the economy and stressed that the 208 crisis has brought an understanding that ignores people. . If we read the crisis correctly, world peace will become more permanent. There is no doubt that the dark clouds that have emerged in the US and Europe have trained many of them, increasing the hopes of many countries for the future. I hope that from now on it will eliminate world peace and inter-regional scissors. ”Predicted.

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