Prompt for incentives for logistics center destination from industrial city Bursa

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Bursa Industrialists and Businessmen Association (BUSIAD) Chairman of the Board of Directors, Oya Yöney, has announced BUSİAD's AD Sectoral Expectations Report Bursa. Mr. Yöney stated that they presented the report to Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Nihat Ergün and conveyed the expectations about automotive, machine - metal, logistics, textile, food and incentives. Stating that new breakthroughs should be made in terms of logistics infrastructure, Yöney emphasized that Bursa should be a priority in terms of clustering. Oya Yöney stated that the main and sub-industry which has a high potential production and logistics center is located in Bursa. Özel Even an organized industrial zone should be established not far from Bursa for automotive.
Strengthening the logistics infrastructure in Bursa should be accelerated, especially in the creation of train applications and ports. Trafik incentives should be provided for the establishment of logistics centers outside the city, which will serve all industrial enterprises, and which will ease the city's traffic load. Tüm
Oya Yöney, who argued that the vitality of the domestic market should be increased with the measures to be taken in the automotive sector, said that a new study on MTV and SCT should be aimed at increasing the market share by evaluating light commercial vehicles as automobiles. For the development of products with new technology that will reduce foreign trade deficit, the R & D projects should be directed to projects that focus on pre-procurement and projects involving more than one firm. The construction of vehicle test centers should be accelerated, especially the üzere Vehicle Test Track ın which will be announced by TSE. The institutional capacity of the unit serving the automotive sector regarding the TYPE Approval Certificate required for the free movement of Turkish goods in the world should be developed in a manner similar to the international approval agency. Türk
Recalling that the incentive law 5084 will end this year, Yöney argued that the incentives should be extended for a minimum of 5 years as investments are not returned. Considering the lower investment limit of TL 50 in the new incentive system as 'high', Mr. Yöney said, en If we want Turkish industry to have a say in especially electronic product groups, such investments should be withdrawn to 10 million TL levels. In short, the amount of investment should be lowered for companies with high technology levels. Turkey must not lose its competitiveness and flexibility. Energy prices need to be attracted to the level of international competition. In addition, the company also take part in more than one union is not suitable for the job of peace in Turkey. At the same time, business, unionization fell to 10 1 percent percent from the dam in Turkey does not seem appropriate for the moment, "he said.
'Industrial textiles should find a place in state procurement'
Having shared his expectations regarding the textile sector, Yöney stated that industrial textiles should be included in the state procurement for the share and expansion of the world markets and the use of the specifications should be expanded. To be able to solve the current problems of the food industry and to reach a competitive level with the countries of Europe and the world.
id Priority should be given to the issue of informality, id he said. By establishing feasible and sustainable agricultural policies, capacity and demands should be determined. Food inspection should be carried out effectively with competent institutions and organizations. The establishment of private sector institutions accredited by TSE should be encouraged and
verification and control mechanism should be established. According to the new label notification, we want to extend the period of 1 for the given time since the packaging materials that need to be changed cannot be consumed in the given time. Çıkan
Customs tariffs apply different tariffs
The reinstatement of VAT on financial leasing for the metal machinery sector is also expected from the 2. Oya Yöney, Chairman of BUSİAD, pointed out that the importation of hand must be limited. Başkan Mid-term and long-term credit should be provided to Eximbank customers abroad. All the production in the sector is documented and the confidence in Turkish machinery needs to be increased.
In the case of intermediate goods imports, except for EU member countries, very high customs duties are paid. For example, non-production of thick rolled steel sheet can be found in Turkey, according to quality and price from China but 22 percent customs duty costs are coming due at the same level with European countries. Can a different tariff be applied in customs duties in areas where domestic raw material producers do not operate? The sustainability of a globally competitive manufacturing sector is only possible with the development of the economic ecosystem that created it. With this approach, information systems for the sustainable competition of all sectors and the complementary economic ecosystems integrated with the world should also be seen as 'Strategic Sector'.

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