Light Rail System Timetable Changed in Samsun

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Transportation (Samulaş AS) made changes in light rail hours during summer.
In order to prevent the victims of the changes made in Samsun, Samulaş informed the public about the program to be implemented in the summer months and announced that the first flights will start at 06.15 and the last flights to 23.15 in winter will be held at 23.45 in the summer season. Samulaş AŞ, in his written statement, said: alınarak Taking into account the changing number and movements of passengers in the summer months, some changes were made in the itinerary. According to our new voyage hours, the first voyages will start at 06.15 during the summer. The last flights to 23.15 in the winter months will take place at 23.45 in the summer season. During the week, 6 will be held once per minute during peak hours, and the frequency of flights may be changed according to the mobility at other times and on weekends. ”
Samsun Light Rail System, the passenger comfort and economic aspects of the aim is to maintain the best stated in the statement, during the summer months 16 train system 2 yearly maintenance of the company will be completed by the company said.

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