Rail System, Metrobus and Transportation Revolution

The protocol, which implemented the “1st stage” of the city rail system the day before, was signed by TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman and Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu. With the realization of the project, it will be a “big event” and a “revolution” in Sakarya that will put it into a “rail system” in urban transportation.
The distance between the new terminal and the train station is planned to be approximately lu 1 km N. Adapazarı will construct erece 8 new intermediate station ray on the rail system which will serve between the New Terminal and Arifiye. Only citizens who will go to the new terminal will not benefit from the rail system. Equipment, residents of Mithatpaşa, Tek, Dörtyol and Arifiye will also benefit from the light rail system. Train sets to be rented from TCDD will be, air-conditioned, disabled, modern and extremely comfortable kir vehicles. Bikes can also be boarded on the train sets, and the Metropolitan Municipality Smart Card Application System (Kart5) will be available on trains.
Following the meeting held at the Ministry of Transport on işt 4 January 2012 UM, Mayor of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Zeki Toçoğlu announced that they would pass the da rail system e in the city transportation and that the project inde will be realized arya within the Sak 2012 year “. The signing of the protocol of such a large-scale project in a period of six months, as well as the rental of the vehicles within a short period of a few months to be made in the new stations and the new Terminal as the bottom of the Gar will be organized is as important as the transition to the rail system. The fact that the Metropolitan Municipality will complete a project with such a large volume and budget in a short period of a year u shows the power of the metropolitan municipality and the vision and leadership of President Toçoğlu. Büyük
On the one hand, the 1st phase of the city rail system project is being implemented, and on the other hand, efforts are underway to realize the “2nd phase work on the rail system” between the city center and Yenikent. Karaman, Camili, Korucuk residents will benefit from the light rail system between the city center and Yeniket, as well as Çark Caddesi, Stat District, Şeker and Summer District residents. The length of the 5nd phase of the rail system between Yenikent and the city center, which will cost 6-2 million kilometers per kilometer, will be approximately 16-17 km.
Mayor of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Zeki Toçoğlu is preparing to give a new ç gospel ki on “transportation de in the days ahead. Metropolitan Municipality plans to provide transportation with m metrobuses sıra between “city center and Sakarya University Campus” as well as light rail works. Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department President Fatih Turan has been working abroad for a while. In the transportation between the city center and the campus, it is planned to use the vehicles such as in natural gas metrobuses ğı or'n electric metrobuses ”used by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in transportation. With the use of metrobuses in urban transportation, met Sakarya will be the second metropolitan city which uses metrobus after Istanbul. Şehir
In addition, before the 2014 local elections, Sakarya's provincial borders will also have borders on the metropolitan municipality. It can also be thought that the transportation will be provided by metrobuses in 'Dokurcinden Kocaaliye, Geyve to Kaynarca'.
Sakarya's transition to a light rail system in urban transport is geç undoubtedly a revolution. Da 1. and 2. With the use of metrobuses between the city center and the campus along with the work of the light rail system, Sakarya will reach the level that will compete with Istanbul and Ankara Metropolitan Municipalities, leaving behind Kocaeli, Eskisehir, Kayseri, Gaziantep, Samsun, Konya, Kayseri, Adana and Izmir.
With the visionary projects of President Toçoğlu and his team, Sakarya became one of the modern cities of the world, where the traffic order is human-centered in a short period of a few years, the transportation is provided by railroads and metrobuses which are developed public transportation vehicles, have modern pedestrian and bicycle ways, solved the transportation problem. It will return.

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