Mayor Topbas: 30 said that a Metrobus will rise in seconds

Kadir Topbaş made statements about the traffic problem at Atatürk Airport
Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, gave some news that will relieve the Istanbulites who are tired of the traffic due to the maintenance of the bridges after the return of Brazil: Today, we will activate 100 more buses. Metrobuses will take off every 30 seconds.
Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, who attended the opening of the Culture Committee held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, made statements about Brazil contacts and traffic problem at Atatürk Airport. Topbas who answered the questions of the journalists in the VIP Lounge, said:
TARGET 3 THOUSAND BUS: On Friday (today) we will put the 100 bus into operation. The plates of the new buses were completed. We are making serious investments in public transportation. We have a goal: 3 around a thousand buses. We aim to increase the number of these, to eliminate congestion. Metro construction continues.
A METROBUS IN THE 30 SANY: We have to support the maintenance works of the General Directorate of Highways at Fatih Sultan Mehmet and Haliç Bridge. Periodic maintenance of these should be done if necessary. A period of three months is being brought to a periodic arrangement. As a municipality, we will provide intensive support to the traffic, especially by intermittent 30 seconds of metrobus lines, in order to overcome the difficulties caused by the maintenance of the Golden Horn Bridge.
BULK TRANSPORT INCREASING: FSM Bridge has a regular five-stage work including two lanes. I believe that the people of Istanbul will understand this issue. The use of public transport in Istanbul is increasing. We completed the tenders of new vehicle purchases. As soon as possible, we will offer to the people of Istanbul.
SEA RIGHT CHOICE: mal Due to road maintenance activities, there was an intense demand for sea transportation. Is there a study on this?? On the question of President Topbaş said:
“We are trying to use the sea transportation well. Of course you can not make the desired speed at sea and you can not pass the 6 bin 8 thousand. But instead of waiting for hours in traffic instead of people prefer sea transportation is much more accurate for Istanbul. Our city lines intensified the work related to this. IDO also supports these studies. İ
DON'T TAKE SINGLE ROAD: As far as possible, we are more comfortable to use a single vehicle, even when using public transport and even individual vehicles. In our individual vehicles the number of people in taxis 1-2 is not even two people. This affects traffic negatively. 200 maximum time per hour from a lane but the vehicle can pass. If you have so many vehicles in a lane per hour, how many lanes do you want to respond to the vehicle in the 2 million traffic per day. Here, we should support each other together. We can make city life as easy as possible.





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