Portunus delivered the first crane to TCDD

Portunus Port Spares and Services has signed a contract with TCDD for the complete renovation of NXXX-type ship-to-ship gantry cranes. In Portunus a very short time to complete the first ship to land gantry crane, the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) was delivered in June 5.
After the cancellation of the privatization of the Izmir port, TCDD decided to renew its facilities. Meanwhile, the two new container ports were designed in the Izmir region and the APM Terminals planned to open a new container terminal in the Izmir region. In order to be able to compete with the already existing ports and potential competition in the future, TCDD announced that it will renew its portal cranes from last year and Portunus has taken the job.
Portunus Port Spares & Services Sales Manager H. Önder Türker said “Portunus, which started to work in 1992, has achieved its success with 20 years of experience. I have to say that I am extremely proud to mention each of our services. On the other hand, the country is also extremely gantry cranes are in good condition in Turkey, where our center is also extremely pleased to be located. " said.
Portunus started this project in the last quarter of 2011 and almost changed the spirit of the crane. After the steel structures of each crane were carefully controlled by Llyod and no major changes were made, the crane was fully reconditioned. A new elevator system was installed from the ship to the land. The new elevator system in Izmir, which is very hot at summer temperatures, will make the lives of operators and technicians easier. The old PLS system in the cranes was replaced by a completely new system.
Önder Türker ”The producer of this crane is no longer available. For this particular reason, it was not easy to find the same parts found on the crane. For this reason, thanks to the portusus engineers, we decided to add our own systems and this crane has become one of the best portal cranes in the world! ” he added.
The Portunus renewal contract covers portal cranes of type N.5 from ship to land. Currently, Portunus has started the renewal of the second crane and, according to the planned time, all cranes are expected to start working within 2 years. Önder Türker ”Regarding the purchase prices of new cranes, renewal agreements are very relaxing contracts for ports with certain budgets. In Portunus Yemen, Georgia, Sudan, Tanzania, Turkey and so on. has proved its success with completed renewal projects in the countries. As a result, we plan to announce new contracts soon. ”

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