Bridges have care for three months, attention to traffic

18 17 will be maintained until September in the FSM and Haliç Bridges starting from June. FSM will be closed in two directions 3 strip
Traffic loot starts in Istanbul
FATIH Sultan Mehmet (FSM) and the asphalt renovation of the Golden Horn bridges will be carried out between 18 June-17 September. Three strips will be closed to traffic in the FSM. The first work will be on the Asian side from the European side. Additional band application from opposite direction. Highways 1 organizing the meeting on the subject. Regional Director Mehmet Karaman, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge (FSM), said three of the three lanes will be closed. Karaman, said: ın Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge in the maintenance, repair and isolation of steel decks and superstructure of the superstructure is made. 18 We aim to start in June and finish 17 in September. The FSM Bridge 4 is a total 4 ribbon, including 8 arrival. 3 strip will close, 5 strip will be open. The 5 strip will change to one side and three to the other. At first we are planning to work from Europe on the Asian side. During busy months ie autumn or spring FSM Bridge passes 250 thousand vehicles a day. In summer, this figure falls into the 80-90 bin vehicle. We wanted to make use of the summer months and expect schools to be holidays. Yaz
Highways 1 emphasizing that the Metrobus line will not be closed during the works on the Golden Horn Bridge. . The Golden Horn Bridge will be repaired in the same way. The asphalt used on the bridge is a special asphalt. If the normal asphalt is heating up at 150, this asphalt is warming up to the 200-25. 24 hours on the bridge to work. We're gonna start in the north, and we're going to end south. The two lanes will be closed to traffic in the Golden Horn, the other lanes will be open. Metrobüs line will not close may he said. Karaman also warned citizens, toplu Citizens first prefer public transportation vehicles. They shouldn't use special tools unless they have to. Be careful with the markings. İşaret
Mehmet Karaman, who gave information about the work on the AYAMAMA Creek, said: bilgi Press Express Road is an intersection where traffic is intense. We're going to close a single intersection here. We planned to return to Edirne from MASK side of İkitelli junction. After the service roads in the other junction arms, work will be started. The place where Ayamama Creek will flow will be expanded. This was based on the annual flow rate of 100. After the flood at 2009, we are expanding this by 500 annually. The construction on the Ekspres Road will not start immediately.

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