The 'crazy projects' of the Ottoman Empire come to life one by one

Many projects from Marmaray to Kanalistanbul, from the Golden Horn to the Bosphorus Bridge were on the agenda of the Ottomans. According to historians, there are dozens of projects waiting to come out of dusty shelves.
The Ottoman Sultans had signed tremendous projects called impossible before centuries. But many of them were removed from the dusty shelves of history because of the fights of the throne of the period. History researcher Turan Sahin, today makes life more livable dozens of projects extends to the Ottoman, he said. Sahin, "Ottoman Crazy Projects" in the book, the tube passage through the Bosphorus, the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus will be built bridges, the Marmara Sea to connect the Black Sea, the memorial that will survive the memory of various victories, his work to date, based on Ottoman documents to date wrote how it reflected.
More than a dozen projects in the Ottoman sources stating that Sahin, said: Today, the first work of those who are in the decision about the future of this country, these projects should be to remove the dusty shelves. The fact that we are implementing the Ottoman projects of 100 years ago is a sign that we are the ones who are seeing the big dreams again.
Overlapping with Kanalistanbul
The 'Golden Horn-Black Sea Channel Project', which is considered as an alternative to the Bosphorus and aims to open a new strait: The idea of ​​connecting the Black Sea to the Golden Horn via the Kağıthane Stream, prepared at 1850s, had major industrial facilities planned to be established in Kağıthane. . A part of the Bosphorus traffic would be shifted to the planned channel. The main port of the Black Sea-Marmara connection, Kağıthane, was the center point of the project. The project envisaged the construction of a channel up to approximately 31 kilometers. For another purpose, another project was realized by Piyale Pasha during the reign of Suleyman the Magnificent. The aim of this project was to shift the intensity of the Golden Horn to other centers.
Projects realized after centuries
The şöyle crazy sonra projects of the Ottoman Empire, which took place after centuries, or stepped in for realization, are as follows:
- S. Prerault's Cisr-i Enbubi Project (Underwater steel tunnel): The first proposal to combine the stations in Sirkeci and Haydarpaşa came from Prerault on 3 August 1860. The project will come to life with the introduction of Marmaray, the construction of which began in 2004.
- Leonardo da Vinci's Golden Horn Bridge Project: In 1503, Vinci developed a project connecting Pera to Istanbul via Golden Horn. 2. Beyazid was fussy about the dimensions of the project and did not come to life. Metropolitan Municipality is working to implement the project.
- Kabataş-Taksim Funicular Line Project: Osman Hamdi Bey shared his project with the government in 1895. In the project, KabataşNarrow line funicular to be operated with a steam machine was offered to Taksim. Kabataş-Taksim Funicular started operating in 2006.
Ferdinand Arnodin's Cisr-i Hamidi and Ring Road Project: The first serious attempt to build a bridge to the Bosphorus came from Ferdinand Arnodin. In March 1900, Arnodin presented the drawing of the ring road routes and bridges to the sultan. The first bridge to the Bosphorus was built 73 years after this project.
- The Great Ottoman Park Project of Münif Pasha: Miniatürk is parallel with the thought of Münif Pasha, but contains differences. Münif Pasha suggested not to break the link between geography and structure by proposing that the cultural heritage be placed in the right places on an Ottoman map.
Russia, 383 came to life after year
- Don-Volga Canal Project: Russia has built a 383-kilometer-long channel, 16 kilometers below the point determined by Ottoman engineers after 45 years.
- Kosovo - Constanta Aziziye Channel Project: Romania was launched in the 1950s.
- Suez Canal Project: The project, the first steps of which were taken in 1568, was realized with the decree of Sultan Abdülaziz dated 1866.
- Layihalar Irmak Projects and GAP: The proposed GAP of Sultan Abdulhamid II came to life after 2 years.
- Mediterranean Canal Project: Preliminary preparations for the project, which aims to unite the Red Sea and the Mediterranean and are considered as an alternative to the Suez Canal, have begun.
- The "Sample Villages" project, which the Izmir National Library Director and members of the administration presented to the Ministry of Internal Affairs after a war, was put into practice by the late Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit 63 years later.
There was a bridge between the islands
- Sarkis Balyan's Heybeliada-Büyükada Bridge Project: Sarkis Balyan, an islander contractor, submitted a proposal to facilitate transportation between the two islands. The proposal was a 1200 meter tall suspension bridge. A penny pass money would be taken from the bridge.
- Antoine Bouvard's Horse Square (Hippodrome) Project: A building in the form of the letter E, approximately 480 meters long, would be built to cover the Horse Square.
- Antoine Bouvard's Beyazıt Square project: It offered a real city center proposal.
- Bouvard's New Mosque
Square Project: Bouvard proposed to open the shores and create a large square in front of Yeni Cami.
- Antoine Bouvard's "Galata Bridge Project": The Golden Horn in his drawing seemed wider than the real Golden Horn and the bridge was longer.
- "Light from Asia" or "thought before the Statue of Liberty in New York"
'The Statue of Liberty'
- Project of obtaining potable water from sea water: The project aimed to meet the clean water needs of the Middle Eastern countries under Ottoman rule.
Railway Project for Ship Transportation: A project that has only an attachment on the shelves of the Ottoman Archives. The project aimed to move the ship of any kind by placing it on a rail with a mechanism to be installed and moving it to a second port.
- Şehremaneti Science Delegation Director Aurique's Galata-Süleymaniye Suspension Bridge Project: The designed bridge was foreseen to connect two districts that do not have a coast to Haliç, Süleymaniye and Galata.

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