'History Travel' in Istanbul's Old Sisli Garage 97 Age of Tramways

The exhibition titled “IETT with History-IETT with Photographs” created with black and white photographs selected from the ISTANBUL-IETT archive meets with visitors. The exhibition opened in Cevahir AVM, which was built on the old Şişli garage of IETT, which is of great importance in terms of the public transportation history of Istanbul as well as the history of IETT, awaits its enthusiasts between 22-29 June 2012.
Previously Bersay Communication Institute and Porte 4. Press Days, the Museum of Contemporary Journalists Association of Turkey opened "Journey to-date with IETT Photo" exhibition opens at Cevahir AVM in Şişli` this time. The foyer area on the second floor of the shopping center includes the horse trams, which are considered to be the milestone of public transportation, and the electric trams, trolley buses and buses that were put into service between 22-29 June 2012. Black and white photographs, which have attracted great attention in the places where they have been exhibited, are expected to receive the same attention.
The oldest garage of IETT
The old Sisli garage, which was opened in 1912 as a horse-mounted tram depot and has an important place in the history of Istanbul's public transportation as well as in the history of IETT, also hosted trolleybuses with trams and buses. The garage, which was removed on the grounds that it was in the center of the city during the 1980 years, was first used as a horse barn. Then the electric trams, which are the symbol of the city, were stored here. 1948 was transformed into a bus garage with the addition of workshops. Starting from 1961, trolleybuses started to be stacked. In the 1952 establishing Turkey's first psycho lab here motorman, he began training for the driver and conductor. The Şişli garage, where women ticket shopmen served in 1960s, was used as a set in the film 'Bus Passengers', which was shot in 1961 and starring Ayhan Işık and Türkan Şoray. In 1987, Cevahir Shopping Center, which was started to be built in 1989 on the land that was transferred to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality as a business center, was put into service in 2005 as the second biggest shopping center in the world.

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