Müjde, German tourists come to Konya for our nostalgic trams

We would like to start our article by presenting my love and respect to our Mayor Tahir Akyürek, who once again justified us and Konya.
Thank God the weather got warm.
There is no construction for Allah complaining of neither cold nor hot.
Because no matter how cold the weather, I thank myself. Because at that moment I think of the workers in the industry working with freezing doors open.
No matter how hot the weather is. Because at that moment I put myself in place of our people who are mixing in the construction or working in the fields.
May Allah give patience and convenience to these people.
But ultimately, as the weather gets warmer, complaints from the trams begin to increase.
Why do these folks come to us in two days as if they pushed a button somewhere? While thinking, one of our readers immediately hit the answer in our face;
Bey Mr. Ugur had made headlines in your newspaper. You know the trams would be air conditioned. What happened?"…
Embarrassed. I remembered the news. But it wasn't just us. All the Konya press made this news. So we were somewhere liars of Tahir President's offices.
Again, a reader who was calling yesterday was screaming;
“We don't want air conditioning on the tram to Uğur. Let them make a curtain, ”he said.
To tell you the truth, I ride the tram either early in the morning or late in the evening. At that time, the temperature has not hit yet. Since all the windows are open, as we make trams, we swear and swear ese ese come and go.
A little reproach and a bit of anger expressing our reaction to the tram, we want to give the tram the right.
Let me give you a good news for the two trams that we have always criticized and insulted.
Our trams are our new tourism ambassadors.
A strong name of the tourism sector in Germany, I don't know how many years he was organizing a new nostalgia tour for Germans taking these trams.
In other words, the Germans who wanted to ride the trams they used in their childhood, the fastest youth, now come to Konya to do nostalgia.
He was in pursuit of this organization in a large agency.
We will read the news of these nostalgic tours in the near future.

Source : http://www.memleket.com.tr

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