Metros will be connected to each other in Istanbul

The next phase of the subway projects that will bring breath to the transportation of the Anatolian Side is the connection of all lines. The fourth subway in Turkey (Uskudar-Sancaktepe) based on the last week appointed Member of the Board of Doğuş Construction Burak Talu, gave new projects and plans for the metropolitan ntvmsnbc'ye.
Doğuş Construction; Taksim-Sisli, Kadikoy-Kozyatağı, then the basis of the fourth subway in Turkey Otagar-Bağcılar-Başakşehir-Olimpiyatkent metro line at last week. Üsküdar-Sancaktepe subway with 38 km length; Not only will the 20 between Çekmeköy-Taksim between 44 or Ümraniye be reduced to 64 minutes, it will offer the best solution for the traffic of the Anatolian Side in a few years with its transfer lines.
Burak Talu, Board Member of Doğuş Construction and Member of the Board of Directors of the Contractors Association, said in an exclusive interview with that the project has the technology to work unmanned, and that 2 will provide employment to a thousand people. Tali; He explained the details of both Üsküdar-Sancaktepe metro and Doğuş Construction's new projects to be realized in a wide range from South America to India.
Will there be links with the Kadıkoy-Kartal metro?
Iyor Kadıköy-Kartal Metro is connecting with Marmaray at İbrahimağa Station. Üsküdar will be the first station of both Marmaray and Sancaktepe subways and therefore Üsküdar transit line. In the future plan, Umraniye has to be connected to the new financial center, Kadikoy-Kartal metro and Sancaktepe via Sabiha Gokcen Airport via Sultanbeyli.
Will there be a subway connection between the third airport and Çekmeköy?
Ecek The third bridge will have two floors and the train will pass from the lower floor. This rail system can be connected to Çekmeköy. From there, there will be a rail system reaching the airport. Adan
The center will be Üsküdar. Will the infrastructure remove this density?
Acak There will be a transfer station. Üsküdar develops through studies and can be a more active place. Traffic may increase slightly, but the goal is to promote public transport. The value of buildings increases; this will actually be the case for every place on the metro line. bu
Will you use a special technique on your fourth metro?
. We use the latest technology in all the subways. We use the TBM machine, which we call 'mole'. The device is like a computer center. There is a head on the front and the back is like a factory. 100 sometimes extends to meters. As he moves, he pulls back. It takes the parts of the concrete segment that were previously prepared outside and will form the walls of the tunnel. It then fills the cavities between the wall and the ground with injection. When the machine is finished, the physical state of the tunnel is revealed. In the systems we call electomechanics, ventilation, signaling, rails and other equipment are placed later and tests are made by the arrival of the wagons. We currently have 7 CPC machines used in various projects. Bizim
There was a long-term power outage in the Taksim subway and many people were stranded. Could this be a new application to avoid duplication?
Or Metros have a back-up energy system. No one should be scared, not even the power outage on the subway. Maybe there was another problem in the case you were talking about. The same is true for Marmaray. Aynı
How many people will be employed for this project?
Demek Because of the machine densities in tunneling work, there is less personnel, but there is 16 station, and each station is 8-10. 2000 people will work when all stations are engaged. Bütün
What is the situation in your domestic and foreign projects?
“We have been working in Ukraine for several years. Our third project is Kiev International Airport. We opened it early last week. 500 is a million dollar project and we have grown to UEFA 2012. We're looking at other projects.
The Sofia Metro project in Bulgaria will end in August. Our university project in Libya is pending. In Qatar, we bid for subways. The 2022 World Cup is an intense work to be done there. We've made offers to subways in India.
Yusufeli Dam in Turkey, highways, railways, highway there customizations and additional works by two bridges. Environmental projects will be released within the scope of 2023. We are particularly interested in them. Onlar

Source: Ntvmsnbc

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