Metrobus road crashed badly

E-5 34 GG 6881 license plate in the direction of the highway Avcılar tossed into Zeytinburnu metrobus stop. The absence of a metrobus in the accident prevented the disaster.
In E-5, the driver of the vehicle, who allegedly went from Topkapı towards Avcılar, lost control of the steering wheel and hit the lighting poles and rolled over and entered the Zeytinburnu metrobus road. The absence of a metrobus from the road during the accident prevented a great disaster. Meanwhile, it was observed that the passengers waiting at the metrobus stop could not overcome the shock of the incident for a certain period of time. It was learned that two people in the vehicle entering the metrobus road were slightly injured. On the other hand, it was stated that some parts that were thrown out of the vehicle that caused an accident, stuck to another vehicle in motion and caused a slight injury to 1 person.
The fire brigade from the scene, after the vehicle of the subway to take the Metrobus expeditions began again.

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