Metrobus hit the pedestrian: 7 injured

In Mecidiyeköy, a person suddenly hit the road by a metrobus. With the impact of the crash, the passengers in the metrobus fell left and right and fell to the ground. 7 people were injured in the accident.
Metrobus number 34, which made the Zincirlikuyu-Avcılar expedition, hit a person named Emrah Değerli (26) who jumped on the road at a distance close to the Mecidiyeköy station. After hitting his head on the windshield of the Metrobus, the man who was blown off the road was seriously injured. With the impact of the impact, the metrobus braked suddenly. Some of the passengers standing were blown left and right and were injured from various parts. A large number of ambulances were dispatched to the scene with the notice of passengers and the metrobus driver. Ambulances who arrived at the scene in a short time took the injured and took them to Şişli Etfal Training and Research Hospital. The passengers injured in the accident suggested that the person who hit the metrobus sold water in traffic, and jumped in front of the metrobus. The Metrobus driver, who gave information to the superiors about the accident by phone; “When our friend who sold water on the road suddenly jumped in front of me, of course, we had a speed of 40-50 meters, and he was jumping on the road despite the sudden braking. The place that has already been shot is clear. When he shot, our friend fell. He was injured. ” Passengers in the metrobus who had an accident were transferred to other metrobus. The Metrobus driver was taken to the police station by the police teams coming to the scene.

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