Metrobus, Metro and Anadoluray Projects with 3 County Housing Ceilings

Metrobus, metro and Anadoluray projects in the region square meter prices 5 thousand pounds per annum 5 thousand pounds.
Housing demand also increased with the increase in income level in Kartal-Pendik and Maltepe, which are among the fastest developing cities of Istanbul. An even greater revival is expected in the region with transportation alternatives such as metrobus, metro and Anadoluray projects, which are planned to be launched soon. When the projects are completed, the connections of these 3 districts, which are easy to reach by land and sea, will strengthen even more.
Increased number of branded housing
The expansion of the city's walls has attracted the attention of branded housing companies to the Pendik-Maltepe-Kartal region. Land prices in these regions were more appropriate and the availability of suitable land for the projects was also effective. In addition, the announcement of these regions as urban turning zones increased the interest of the construction companies in these districts.
Prices increase by 233 percent
The last 5 has seen a noticeable rise in prices for sale and rent for the year. Area in sale of 2 + 1 square meter of housing prices in old buildings in 2008 750, 5-10 year-old building in 950 and 1500 pounds was around in new buildings, now these figures 1150 in old buildings, 5-10 year-old building in 2 thousand 500 and 5 thousand pounds in newly built homes Going up. According to its location and project, the prices of the new houses in the districts of the square meter prices of 5 233 residual in the year is remarkable. Real estate experts and appraisers who serve in the region say that the next 5 will force 10 thousand liras in the course of the year, especially in office and workplace projects.
Rising in rents
There are also visible exits in rents. In 2008, the rent in a 2 + 1 old house in the region is 350-400 lira, while rents now reach 550-600 lira in old buildings, 5 lira in 10-750 years old buildings and 900 lira in new projects. An even greater revival is expected in the region with transportation alternatives such as metrobus, metro and Anadoluray projects, which are planned to be launched soon.
Hospital and hotel investments
In parallel, the region is hosting new projects every day because the advantage of the region is high. The Palace of Justice in Kartal, one of the most popular places on the Anatolian Side, attracted a large population to the district. In addition, hospital, hotel and university investments in the region support this development. Moreover, its proximity to Sabiha Gökçen airport and its location on transportation axes such as TEM and E-5 trigger hotel investments in Kartal and its surroundings. It is seen that investments of 2 5-star and 1 stone-carved boutique hotels will be commissioned in Kartal soon.
Strengths and opportunities
Som Valuation Chairman of the Board of Directors Nazan Özbaydar lists the opportunities of the region as Kartal, which is easy to reach by land and sea, will strengthen its connections with other districts. Within the framework of the Kartal Urban Transformation Project, the formation of empty spaces and the emergence of the land stock, the view of the Marmara sea and the islands are among the strengths and opportunities by moving the industrial structures located on the axis of the D-100 Highway.
Old settlements risk
The fact that some of the industrial buildings in the region continue their activities and the possible Istanbul earthquake, especially the old settlements in the region and the disaster it will cause, are among the factors that threaten the region. However, Eva Emlak Valuation General Manager Cansel Turgut Yazıcı, who stated that the opportunities of the region are much more despite the threats, said that Kartal and Maltepe are a promising location with their development opportunities.
Ongoing construction in the region
There are over 50 large and small residential, business and office projects in the region. Many of the branded companies such as Mesa, Teknik Yapı, Dumankaya, Dap Yapı, Varyap and İnanlar İnşaat have more than one project.

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