The Metrobus

After work, we took a breath on the Avcılar-Zincirlikuyu line and listened to the problems of those who could not give up the metrobus in the summer heat.
Our task is to probe the pulse of the metrobus, which has recently been shaken by allegations of increased harassment, and the FSM has been undergoing renovation. Metrobus busiest hour to go to the most crowded stop, then forward, back and forth stops, citizens will worry about the rest. Here are our hour-by-hour impressions:
Business Way
8: 15 Hunters: We came because it was crowded, but public order is berkemal. The seats are full, several people standing, air conditioning trash. Aunt said, “You are too late. Now go and come again in the evening, ”he says.
8: 30 Yenibosna: om I'll make investigations until Mecidiyeköy and go back to the newspaper a. She landed in Yenibosna and then called: A woman on the disabled ramp on the overpass was shouting to a man downstairs, "Dude, don't you think I don't know why you're standing there!" He told the man that he was waiting under the ramp to spy on women in skirts. There were rumors about the existence of toplum community policemen muş and nobody intervened.
8: 45 Mecidiyeköy: Last stop. As I try to jump from the gap between the metrobus and the half-meter-high sidewalk, my high school memories come to life, and I remember my long jump experiences in body classes. As a person living with muscle disease, the country's crooked sidewalks, the streets are difficult to overcome, but the public transport is not explained to the disabled, is experienced.
Work out
19:45 Sefaköy: Finally, we catch the crowd after work, there is a migration of tribes on the overpass. One of those waiting in line to fill Akbil complains that he has to count five liras for the new Akbil card. “I did not see such nonsense,” he says. Around the station, everything you need and do not need 'milk corn' from work shoes is sold. We ask the shopkeepers, "Did the density increase after the bridge closed?" Common view: “The right and left of the metrobus is not clear. There is an accident, the lane is blocked, the traffic is ruined. Then metrobus is very busy. Among the solution suggestions is to increase the number of metrobus flights, and to explain the virtues of waiting for the next metrobus to the citizens with public spots.
20: 00 Yenibosna: There is a confluence at the entrance to Metrobus. The doors open, the queues throw themselves in, with arms and legs stuck between the doors that close in almost every metrobus. It is a good time to discuss the pink metrobus proposed by the Felicity Party, which will only be used by female passengers. Most of the passengers remained in the n Pink ney? ”Stage of the discussion. We explain: pembe After each 3-4 vehicle, one pink colored metrobus will come, only women can ride, what do you think? Bir A woman who works with her husband in the Industrial Estate tells me that she was harassed once in the metrobus. For not wanting me to come. 6 hasn't been gone for months, but now I'm bored. If the pink metrobus says it would prefer, “But this time, the mixed-metrobus women will be treated poorly, the woman refusing to be quarantined will accept everything that happened to her.” He thinks a bit, “That's right, but that's not grieving.”
We ask another woman who gets on the metrobus because she missed her service, she says sa I'll ride though sonra and then adds: “But it doesn't end with the metrobus, so we get off and get on the tram. Then all the public transport vehicles to be separated, or even harassment on Istiklal Street, let's put a pink strip there. ”We also get the opinion of men. The uncle we talked to is uncomfortable with every man being labeled as a potential harasser, im My wife and daughter are going to and from the metrobus. ” “Yes, it's harassment, but you can't solve this with a harem salute. The event ends in mind, education is a must! ”

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