Mersin should implement the logistics village project without wasting time

The developments in the logistics and tourism sector marked the agenda at the Mersin stop of the 29th Meeting of Business Meetings organized by İşbank and DÜNYA Newspaper.
Business Bank of Turkey organized in cooperation with the World Newspaper 'Meetings with İş "29'uncu the meeting was held in Mersin. In the meeting, logistics and tourism sectors, which are of great importance for the city economy, were discussed.
At the meeting, it was concluded that Mersin, which develops with foreign trade and logistics, should implement the logistics village project without wasting time. KazanAttention was drawn to the National Tourism Project. At the meeting where it was emphasized that this project is of great importance for the development of MAS tourism in Mersin, Ekin Fuarcılık AŞ Chairman of the Board Halim Bulutoğlu said, “The popularity of MAS tourism is also decreasing. Mersin should make good use of even one day in order not to miss this opportunity," he said.
The first issue that left its mark on the meeting was logistics. TIRSAN Chairman Çetin Nuhoğlu explains that logistics is not a profession, “Logistics is completely behind the sectors and the driving force of the sectors. Infrastructure that determines the performance of companies. Like computing. With him, the competition of the sectors is planned for the future and it can become a part of the competition in the world ”.
According to the new researches, Nuhoğlu pointed out that Mersin is among the top 6 in the field of qualified jumping activities and that its performance in this regard has more than 200 exportable varieties and stated that there is a great need for the logistics village in order to improve its existing line.
Emphasizing that the world is changing rapidly and new values ​​that they can no longer describe during this change have started to occur, Nuhoğlu said: “We have seen that Greece, which is accepted as the cradle of democracy, is not ruled by Greece today. We see that Europe is going to federalism. We have gone to areas in Europe where real authority and direction of a country has emerged over all countries.
All these are competitive, especially in the trade to take a share of world trade ratio and increasing the share of Turkey Turkey million tons at the beginning of 2030 km will be all the European countries 3. It was so spacious and opportunities arising in the region will pass through Turkey, where 30 percent of the region's 50 trillion dollar foreign trade volume and capture the most important of which will share in the pie here. The fact that our logistic villages in this region, which needs 4 modes of transportation today, is still unplanned and that our centers are still unplanned.
“Logistics is important in increasing the global performance index”
Nuhoğlu pointed out that since 2007 the World Bank announced its global performance index was reminded that Turkey ranks 2007 of 135 countries in 34. In the first declaration. Nuhoğlu said that this figure fell to 2010th in 3.15, although the general performance index rose from 3.22 to 39, he said:
“So other countries did different things. Today we jumped from 39 to 27 again. The most important thing here is our logistics competence, our ability to deliver on time, the third, transparency, our 2 infrastructure, and the 3th and the worst points we get from Customs. In order to go even further on average, we have to redesign the sub criteria and make these plans. ”
Cabinet decision on June 6 as published in the Official Gazette of Turkey's export target for 2023 and also addressed the Nuhoğlu the strategic plan, stressed that very important matter related to this plan in Mersin. Explaining that 9 actions were determined in 19 strategic targets in 72 areas in the draft prepared, Nuhoğlu said, “The most important of these actions is to increase market shares, the second is infrastructure and the first item of this article is to increase logistics competence”.
Here too special, just noted that about 3 title Mersin'le Çetin Nuhoğlu gave the following information: "Turkey's Mersin to reach 500 billion dollars in exports sawn serious role. This was replaced by the High Planning Council.
26. The Action Plan says: In the opening of the Middle East and the Mediterranean, Mersin Port should definitely be brought to the container terminal, its competence should be increased and the logistics village should be built. This was clearly described. These are the most important targets in a short period of time. 2. To establish an independent unit for the definition of logistics separately, to organize it by law or to organize it with a unit that the parties will organize side by side. To summarize, the three targets given for Mersin are container port construction, logistics village construction and the formation of a structure that will provide coordination in all these matters. This shows the importance given to Mersin once again. ”
Güzeloğlu: 20 has realized foreign trade over $ 1 billion
strength of the Turkish economy, and constantly refers to Mersin Governor Hasan Basri would be having everyone share the healthy growth Güzeloğlu "We know that this is not enough growth and economic development in Turkey. Turkey wants the case beyond that, "he said.
For this reason, Güzeloğlu mentioned that decision makers should act in unity and solidarity and explained that it may be possible to reach 2023 goals in this way. Since Turkey's prominent trade organizations in Mersin Governor Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu explaining that, "18. Foreign trade has been determining Mersin economy since the second half of the century.
Today Istanbul is Turkey's 2nd largest city after performing foreign trade. More than 20 billion dollars of foreign trade took place in Mersin last year. ” Noting that Mersin is the city where the concepts of import and export are covered in meat, Güzeloğlu said that it is the second largest port after Istanbul, and it is the largest commercial port with 2 million TEU containers and 1,4 million tons of bulk cargo.
Asut: Mersin will now improve tourism
Şerafettin Aşut, Chairman of the Board of Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry, stated that they are determined to make Mersin the logistics center of the Eastern Mediterranean. “Logistics is a vital sector for Mersin. Because Mersin is a natural logistics center. The geopolitical position of Mersin gave us this role in the Mediterranean. As Mersin reached the world, it became an agricultural city. Mersin has become an industrial and logistics city as it reaches the world. Likewise, Mersin will be a tourism city with our cruise port, which is our new opening in the airport and tourism. ”
Asut noted that Mersin will be one of the rare cities with four modes of transportation after the completion of the International Çukurova Regional Airport in 2014, and noted that Mersin is a natural logistics center.
Bulutoglu: We need to evaluate Mersin tourism opportunity today
In recent years, tourism around the world kazanEkin Fuarcılık AŞ Chairman of the Board Halim Bulutoğlu, who mentioned that Turkey is the moment of kazanHe stated that it was among the top 10 countries at the moment. Turkey's kazanNoting that Antalya was the pioneer in the years when it was the first, Bulutoğlu said, “I entered tourism in 1984. Leading the development of tourism since then, Antalya's most important opportunity should be looked at.
Unlike other tourism regions, Antalya was a virgin region at the time. It had a long coastline. Cities and ancient cities, such as pearl, partially covered with forests, but with an extraordinary natural beauty in the background and scattered among them. With such a geography, Kemer was planned first with the South Antalya tourism development plan. What is spoken for Mersin today started to be spoken in Antalya 30 years ago. ”
Antalya was in tourism at that time. kazanHalim Bulutoğlu pointed out that Mersin was among the losers while they were on the road, and said that the seaside points are filled with summer houses. Pointing out that Mersin has nothing short of Antalya in tourism, Bulutoğlu said: “Everything said about Antalya is also valid for Mersin. Maybe the road problem could be said. Maybe you can call it the airport, but Mersin was always luckier than Antalya. Next to it was Adana. The beach was clean, there were ruins. Why did we fall behind? Maybe because we didn't put it among the priorities.”
Emphasizing that despite all this, the tourism opportunity is still not missed in Mersin, Bulutoğlu said, “Tarsus KazanIt should focus on the touristic region. The infrastructure of the region is being tried to be established. Land allocation was started, incentives were given. Investors have been announced, but we keep skating,” he said.
Tarsus KazanExplaining that the project should be put into action without wasting time, Bulutoğlu said that the public and private sector should solve it together, and that the city cannot afford to lose even a day. Bulutoğlu said, “If the investors are unable to complete, their allocations should be canceled and new allocations should be made” and pointed out that otherwise the city will suffer serious losses. Pointing out that Mersin also has an important chance in cruise tourism, Bulutoğlu said:
Explaining that the city should be polished besides the project, Bulutoğlu said, “If our cities are not man, we can neither do cruise tourism nor take tourists to the cities. Then we start to cry because he doesn't spend in the city. ”
Berksoy: Turkey belt can be a little hungry
Professor of Okan University at the meeting. Dr. Taner Berksoy, told the pros and cons of Turkey's economy. Noting that despite the global economic crisis facing the deterioration of the economy in Turkey Berksoy expectations, the economy in general is good, said that the biggest problem of the current account deficit.
Stressing that the current account deficit largely stems from energy imports spanned "To sum up, there is a slowing of growth in Turkey. In this positive sense, there is a 4 percent growth trend. Inflation is slow and not bouncing. The current account deficit is approaching zero even if there is no energy under control. ” In this case, Turkey's serious stimulus packages could be applied indicator Noting that spanned "We do not need to tighten our belts if necessary belt plus have the opportunity to do something a little more open and refreshing. This is a very good advantage. ”
Bozkurt: Imagine the rotting grains of rickety yarn
Dünya Newspaper Author Rüştü Bozkurt noted that realistic steps should be taken in his speech. He said that Mersin should be handled with the whole region, not alone, and that the geography from Şanlıurfa to Mersin should be seen as a whole and plans of 1 / 100.000 should be made jointly. Explaining that his economy can develop only in this way, Bozkurt said, “You are building a port in Mersin but you are also building another port in İskenderun. Besides that, you also have a pier built by Tosyalı. If those piers solved problems, they would solve them in Marmara. There are 42 piers on that scale in Marmara. Which one solved the problem. If you do not see this detail as Mersin, if you do not solve alternative ports as a whole, we make it a port, it is similar to arranging grains of imagination on the rotten thread. ”
Bali: 10 more than a thousand customers' 1.3 billion debt is configured
İşbank General Manager Adnan Bali announced that during the crisis period, more than 10 thousand commercial customers had structured the loan of 1.3 billion TL.
Stating that İşbank's problematic credit ratios decreased from 3.6 percent to 2.1 percent at the meeting, Bali said, “We have problems with their payments due to unexpected, unforeseen reasons for any reason. In this process, we approached the constructors and the analysts to customers who had problems. A loan of 10 billion TL on more than 1.3 thousand commercial customers has been restructured according to the needs of each case. In accordance with the grace period, the maturities that were postponed and extended were necessary ”.
Recalling that İşbank's asset size reached 162.5 billion liras, its equity is 19 billion liras, and its loans reached 92.5 billion TL, Bali shared the following information: “If we mention last year with very short indicators, 50 percent in commercial loans in a country with single digit inflation, in total loans. We became a bank growing 43 percent. In one year, we gave a difference of 1 billion TL. We reached 27 billion TL from 64.1 billion TL. 91.6 percent of the loan, which has been given a difference of 1 billion TL in the last year, is commercial loans.
Cash in commercial loans in the last year we made a very strong attack with the fact that Turkey's production, industry, we also are in a serious effort that can contribute to employment. As a matter of fact, at the end of our efforts in this direction, we have an absolute difference of over 12 billion TL when we look at the closest loan provider in this field. We have a loan volume of 20 and 23 billion TL higher than the other two banks. ”
While giving these loans, Bali said, “We are careful not to leave any place we do not touch”, noting that one of the most important elements is seen to be common in terms of both geographic and customer segments and loan sizes.
Noting that they had an active period in financing SMEs, Bali continued as follows: “In 2011, the ratio of loans offered by the sector in this segment was 29 percent, while it was over 37 percent in İşbank. In the first quarter of this year, we are lending small and medium-sized enterprises 5 times above the growth rate of the sector. ”
New branch is coming to Mersin
Adnan Bali also said that İşbank, which opened its first branch in Mersin 84 years ago, is the most widespread financial institution with 23 branches, said, “We are at the final stage of our preparations to open our Gazi Mustafa Kemal branch in Mersin”. Noting that he looked at the evaluations of İşbank's historical reports before coming to Mersin, Bali said, “İşbank is said to go not only to the places where the train goes, but also to the places where the ferry goes. 7 months after the opening of the Mersin branch, it extends over the Thessaloniki, Ottoman, Ziraat and French oriental banks at that time and makes 30 percent of commercial transactions in the market. ”
Everyone agrees that the process is well managed
Reminding that the Central Bank and the BRSA made proactive decisions during the crisis, it was not understood even when some analysts commented that "we are confused," Adnan Bali said, "Everyone agrees when the process is well managed during this period."
"If the prices of assets did not decrease in this crisis period today, if real estate prices did not fall, that is, if we were able to maintain the value of assets, this was thanks to a strong financial sector in economic and political stability," said Bali. We know the years when collaterals, mortgages, market values ​​and even outstanding values ​​were forcibly sold to 40 percent. We watch in Europe.
What kind of costs are paid and paid to the taxpayer to the community. To increase the capital adequacy ratio from 8 percent to 9 percent today, the European banking system needs an additional capitalization of 115 billion euros. To date, 5.2 trillion dollars in the EU has been allocated to the banking system. This is over 40 percent of the EU's total national income.
Half of this is actually used at 2.6 trillion euros. Considering the burden on the society, we all have to grasp the value of the fact that the Turkish financial system is able to manage this crisis without resorting to any unusual prevention, and especially the proactive measures taken by the authority. The capital adequacy ratio system with more than 8 times the legal limit of 2 percent required by the Central Bank should the crisis thanks to proactive measures taken by the BRSA in Turkey.

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