Hybrid trucks introduced in Los Angeles

Introduced in Los Angeles, these trucks have a diesel engine as well as an electric motor.
Hybrid trucks introduced by Siemens at the Los Angeles Electric Vehicles Symposium last week attracted great interest.
Hybrid trucks under the electric poles planned to be installed on the highways used by trucks are going to get their power from the electric wires.
On the wireless roads, trucks will be able to continue with diesel engines.
Siemens says this system can be a solution to multiple problems. This system can be used to prevent noise caused by diesel engines in city centers while reducing the pollution on the highways used by trucks.
The system works very simply. When the truck is traveling under electric lines, it can get power from cables with just like trolleybuses.
While the first road tests of the Siemens system are carried out in Germany, work is underway to establish the system in Los Angeles and Long Beach in the USA.

Source: dunya.milliyet.com.tr

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