Attention to the railway at the logistics center

Urn If the area in Sürmene Çamburnu is to be designated as a logistics base area, the most important pillar of this is the railway. This situation should be added to the Trabzon-Gümüşhane-Erzincan Railway Project. Bu
The TMMOB HRC Secretary, Mustafa Yaylalı, Chairman of the Chamber of Civil Engineers at the same time, made an important warning about the Logistics Center, which has long been involved in Trabzon public opinion and is planned to be built in the Shipyard area of ​​Surmene. President Yaylalı, ir If the area in Sürmene Çamburnu is to be determined as a Logistics Base area, the most important pillar of this railway should be added to the existing Trabzon Gümüşhane-Erzincan railway project,.
President Yaylalı said:: The abandonment of a logistical base is either railway or maritime. There is an increase in Trabzon in terms of both railway and sea routes. This work will also be a huge plus for the logistics base. Logistics Center must be added to the railway project. On the one hand the railway work is walking, on the one hand the logistic base work walks, should not act independently of each other, should be projected as if they both exist. If the logistics base is where the railway should be connected. The most important factor for the determination of the logistics base is the presence of both the rail and the sea. Both rail and maritime connections will add great things to Trabzon. This is not just by the highway. Logistics base in Ankara Kazan works on rail and road connection, an important logistics base. Trabzon has one more plus, and we will have a logistics base with both railway, sea and highway connections. It is clear that our logistics base will add a lot to Trabzon, but it is necessary to combine two independent project projects in a short time.

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