A Factory will be Established for Trolleybus Production in Kütahya

Kütahya Mayor Mustafa Iça stated that they signed a “goodwill protocol” with the authorities of two companies in Hungary for the production of trolleybus (electric bus) and the establishment of trolleybus lines in the city.
İca reminded that it is a legal obligation to provide convenience for the elderly and disabled in public transportation at a press conference organized by the Municipality Social Facilities.
Indicating that the public transportation vehicles should be low-based, Ica said that both public and non-disabled public transportation vehicles will not be available in the future.
Ica, for these reasons, instead of buses in the city instead of public transportation troleybüse said, said:
“We started work in line with the decision of our City Council. We will hold a tender in August for the establishment of trolleybus lines. We prepared the feasibility reports with the support of the Victory Development Agency. Of course, there must be special ways for this trolleybus. The use of old lines is unthinkable. The trolleybus lines will be between Dumlupınar University's Central and Germiyan campuses. We consider this as an opportunity for Kütahya and the industrialization of the city. ”
Stating that Ikarus and Skoda, which are advanced in trolleybus, are in contact with their officials in Hungary, Iça said on 6 June that Hungary met with the Minister of the European Union.
Iça explained that the negotiations were positive and said, “We signed a goodwill protocol with Hungarian company officials to establish a trolleybus factory in Kütahya. The establishment of this sector in Kütahya will be an industry not only for us but also for the surrounding provinces. These electric buses have a big market. Kütahya will become a major attraction in this regard. ”
Stating that the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology also supports the trolleybus production in Kütahya, Iça added that the relevant company will submit the files prepared by the authorities to the ministry and will start attempts to establish the factory after bureaucratic procedures.

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