Konyalı Rapid Train Loved

23 2011 1 reached the service of the high-speed train, the number of passengers reached XNUMX million.
Citizens prefer to travel more than one day. An average of one thousand 8 passengers a day in Ankara per day, the high-speed train carries about 500 thousand passengers.
The high-speed train departing from Konya to Ankara at the 2 hour led to a 2011 ratio of 94 in October, while the minimum number of passengers was 70 in January. Authorities attributed this situation to the fact that the High Speed ​​Train was new in Konya and the tickets were sold at a discount in October, and in January, the tough winter season and the air opposition.
The fastest train is having the most busy day on Fridays. Citizens who want to spend the weekend with their relatives are attacking the 18: 00 and 20: 30 flights. The day trip to Ankara is going back to Konya in the evening. One of the most visited places in Ankara is the Anitkabir, the old Parliament, the Youth Park and the Kizilay.
High Speed ​​Train's ticket prices are as follows;
Economy class full 25 TL, Business class full 35 TL
12 for disabled, young, teacher, military passengers, group of passengers with at least 60, 20 for older and older passengers and press card holders, if disabled (obstacle rate 40 and more) and children (6-12 age) 50 discount tariff.
1 provides unlimited travel to the month Ankara and Konya YHT Travel Cards young 275 TL, full 385TL.
On the other hand, the Marşandiz Bridge, located on the Anatolian Boulevard, was
The municipality will be demolished and rebuilt. For this reason, Ankara-Eskişehir and Ankara-Konya YHT flights will be operated between Sincan-Eskişehir-Sincan and Sincan-Konya-Sincan between 15 June-15 August 2012.

Source : http://www.konya.net.tr



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