6 drivers using a tram in Konya were given cleaning services and other jobs

Demiryol-İş Konya Branch President, Türk-İş 2. Regional Representative Necati Kökat in a press conference, Konya Metropolitan Municipality, "Labor and forehead workers do not play with the bread," he reacted.
Turkish-Business 2. Regional Representative Necati Kökat held a press conference for the response of 6 Vatmann, who used the tram in public transportation, to provide cleaning services and other jobs. Kate, emphasizing that it is contrary to the work ethic of giving jobs outside of duty due to the fact that they are unionized, he mentioned the following in his speech. We make a contract.
Contractors who are doing the same job at the same workplace are also the last 6. period, we wanted to be applied to the union by applying to the union. Our municipality was not accepted. This is a legal process, continues. As a member of the union, 6, a member of the Turkish nationality, was banished from the workplaces to mop 2 into the Municipality and 2 was banished to the Directorate of Fire Brigade to evaluate 2 and other units of the municipality. While the number of expeditions on the rail system is not enough, the number of expeditions is canceled, while there are no excuses, death, wedding permits can not be given, while the university's training season is expected to be given to give annual permits, while 20 is an expert in the year-old trainees. we do not understand where they are and what they serve because of unionization. We want to play with labor and forehead not to be caused by the arbitrary attitude of the people. We have something to say to those who do not respond to our appointment request. Of course, they will have to bear the result.

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