Pandora's Box Opened in Konya Tram

For years on the street, on the street, in the newspapers, on the TV, I take all my talk back.
I apologize for all my criticism of the tram.
I've been so unfair.
What a great sin.
How did I enter the right to use
We don't know how important the tram is to our Metropolitan bizim
I've been shocking since yesterday.
Of course, Tahir Başkana also unfair.
I'm so ashamed of the President right now that my first return to Mexico is to go to Tahir and apologize to the President.
You know why you're in it, don't you?
The grenade exploded, the grenade Tram
Before the bomb, I would like to inform you with little notes and notes.
Let's look at the inner face of an event that seems to be tiny or tiny in the tram event yesterday.
Turkish-Labor Representative of our city also made a statement to the President of Demiryol-İş union, Necati Kökat, who included the tram in the union life.
Look at the President's comments without comment;
Iz We, as the railway-business union, have been organizing for the year of 13 in Konya Metropolitan Municipality Rail System Branch Office and we are making a Collective Bargaining Agreement on behalf of our members.
We also requested that the members of the contractor staff who do the same work at the same workplace (Tram Driver) are also members of the Union and apply them to TİS. Our municipality was not accepted. This is a Legal process, continues.
As a member of the union (Vatman qualified) our 6 member was exiled in order to mop 2 from the workplaces into the municipality, and to evaluate 2 and 2 in the other units of the municipality.
While the timetable numbers are canceled in the rail system, while no excuse, death, wedding permits can not be granted, there is no excuse for Xnumx annuities, 20 is the month of retirement. We have not understood what they have anlam tik

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