The location of the cable car project planned to be built in Kastamonu is changing

Kastamonu municipality by the Castle and the Clock Tower is planned to be made between the location of the cable car project is being changed.

The first cable car project, which will print one foot inside the fortress, was presented to the Monuments Board, which was prepared by the Municipality because the castle was within the protected area. The Board of Monuments did not allow the foot to be placed in the castle, which is a place of 1, but a second project was prepared and asked to apply again. The municipality, which initiated the work for a second project, met with the landlords in front of the castle door and decided to place it here.

Explanation of the subject Kastamonu Municipality Directorate of Science Works Tahsin Father, President Turhan Topçuoğlu explained in person by explaining that they went to the ropeway project, explaining, Bab The president's annual program told the castle to the castle for the project we did. Tower problem, but at the point that extends to the castle, the monument is an archaeological stat. For that reason, they said they should evaluate it in another way rather than here. We do not completely reject the project, but another project to come again, they said. After him work has not been stopped. At the entrance to the castle door, we set up our plan. We took the map of the rate and sent it to the firm. The company will project and send it back. If it happens here, the studies will begin immediately. There is no appeal to any two houses. They don't say we don't. Just let us give them the apartment with money or barter in return. We have an 2 swap apartment in 10. All scheduled work. Peace of mind 2 10 apartment in the municipality. We made him a complete turnkey contract. We talked to the landlords at the gate. Peace of mind 2'den to give the apartment in exchange for leaving immediately when the host accepts UM he said.

Emphasizing that the Supreme Council of Monuments will take part in the second project, Babas said, ales We are aiming to hit the first excavation this year. The tender process takes 3 months. Projecting 1 month, the process of waiting for the tender process 1 month and delays due to objections and other reasons after them are estimated to total 6 months. The season is closed, but no problem, not much work in the field. The man's job is in the factory. The place where the main work is done is the factory. There are poles, platforms, perler and cars built on steel. Company in Turkey, but we're getting support. Expense and tender international company, for example, took the cable car work on the hill in Switzerland. Arranging the region and the ropeway where the ski lift will go down and correcting the pockets of the houses there, they are always thought. T

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