IZBAN Aliaga-Menderes rail system line is expected to be announced in the coming days for the tender for extension of Torbalı - Tepeköy

New developments regarding the m Aliağa-Menderes Rail System Line ”under the - Development of Izmir Commuter System Project İzmir which will be realized by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality were recorded.
According to the information received from the Investments Magazine, the preparation of the tender for the extension of the mentioned contract until Torbalı - Tepeköy was started.
Authorities, the application projects prepared by Aksa Project company has been delivered recently and after the completion of the works announced in the coming days tender will be requested from the companies noted. The line that will be financed from own funds will cost 80-100 million TL. Line will be completed in 18 months.

Source : Investments

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