The shortage of Istanbul 3. Is it for the bridge

PROF. Dr. Haluk Eyidoğan is a geophysicist and an earthquake specialist. He knows Istanbul's transportation well. He worked at Istanbul Metropolitan Project (IMP) and prepared projects on the city to the CHP.
Eyidoğan, who was a member of parliament for the last time, was the organizer of the maintenance and repair works in Istanbul, 3. he hinted at the question of preparing the ground for the bridge.
After the cancellation of the Marmaray Project, CR1 started to work on CR3 and added some information to the question proposal about edil Improving Commuter Lines and Electro-Mechanical Systems edil. Eyidogan says:
“Due to the FSM and Golden Horn bridges being taken into maintenance, the already problematic traffic has become a complex problem. Since this repair job was planned long ago, some measures could be taken to prevent the traffic crisis. There is no additional regulation for sea transportation. This emerging traffic crisis could be treated as an 'emergency or crisis management' and at least the transport at sea could be increased. Even now, there is no sea bus or ferry service after 21 in the evening. No additional time ...
'Car ferry ports' after the 1999 earthquake are not used for emergency management. Since this bridge is known for maintenance work at least a few years in advance, these arrangements can be made easily, not to the suffering of people. Bu
Haluk Eyidoğan, deputy of CHP, stated that the Marmaray Project, which is claimed to solve the problems of transportation in Istanbul, has reached the end of the project but it has to be done for the use of Marmaray. Halkalı- There is no progress in the railway. Eyidoğan esi Marmaray was expected to be finished at 2012-2013. However, it will not be possible to use Marmaray before the railway is finished, is the railway expected? Marmaray will be over after the appearing date? Delay of Marmaray 3. Is the reason for the bridge, the people '3. need the bridge 'will wake up the idea?' He said.
- Have any plans been made to increase the capacity of the existing sea transportation between the Anatolian and European sides of Istanbul?
Has the number of voyages increased by sea bus, city lines ferry, ferry and boats? Will the sea bus schedule for Pendik, Kartal, Maltepe and Bostancı change for sea transportation and will the number of flights be increased? Will the car ferry ports on the shores of Yenikapı, Pendik, Kartal and Maltepe be put into operation in order to ease the current traffic crisis and provide transportation of motor vehicles?
Is traffic management based on the routine traffic management plan used for normal times? Is there a sorun Traffic Emergency Management İstanbul plan and protocol to reduce traffic problems between Istanbul Governorship and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality?

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