Transportation in Istanbul will be relieved with 'smart city project'

📩 24/11/2018 18:20

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. aims to solve the problem of uncontrolled intensity experienced by the megacenter in public transportation with the project 'Istanbul in Motion' which was developed in cooperation with IBM Turk and Vodafone.
With the so-called 'Smart City Project', the density map of the people using public transport will be subtracted and the optimization of the bus, metro and rail system will be provided.
Results 4 year after year
Omer Yildiz, General Manager of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Co., said:, 4 kilometer rail system line will be added to Istanbul in the next 80 year. 2023 will invest a total of 30 billion pounds until 640 and rail system length of Istanbul will reach 450 kilometers. Investments need to be run well. To see where people go from, we have divided Istanbul into the 4 sub-region. We will cooperate with Vodafone and IBM Turk to identify the lines people use the most. In the regions where we are separated, we will determine the routes they use most by making a household survey. It will be at least XNUMX years to reach the conclusion. Bun
Information will be taken anonymously
Vodafone Turkey CEO Serpil Timuray also for the sustainable future of Istanbul 'm cities' applications stating that they commissioned, said: "Vodafone users location information, taking anonymously, we will create a density map. Through mobile communication technologies, more sustainable business model in Turkey, so we aim to create a more sustainable future. Our primary goal is to use our knowledge in mobile communication-based smart life technologies to improve the quality of life of the society and to positively affect the daily lives of consumers. This project is also important for Vodafone to contribute to the action plan it has set in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and costs in the countries where it operates. Bu
Will detect in advance
IBM Charcoal General Manager Michel Charouk said that the first smartest idea that IBM introduced in 2008 was realized in Istanbul. By following the daily transportation, we will be able to determine where passenger traffic can be squeezed. This will prevent congestion in the main arteries. As IBM, we will contribute to the solution of the problem with our experience in data mining. Biz
1 metro line is equal to the 20 lane motorway
Transportation Manager General Manager Ömer Yıldız said: “While the number of mega cities in 1950 exceeding 10 million is 2, the number of 22 has increased to de 500. not a solution in cities. The solution should look for transport systems such as the metro. A metro line 20 can carry passenger traffic equal to lane highway traffic.

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