4 new metro line to Istanbul

Kadir Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, reminded that he was working on 4 line in Istanbul and he said that one of the most important is Üsküdar-Çekmeköy line which will go up to Çekmeköy via Ümraniye.
Expressing that this line is very important and there is a lot of passenger demand, Topbas stated that the tender was reached for the part of the line up to Tepeüstü, but by renewing the whole, a tender will be made on an international scale and the line will be completed in 38 months.
Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, went to the USA for his visits to Washington, Baltimore and New York between 16-21 June. Topbas, THY's scheduled flights from Istanbul to Washington before the departure of his statement in the United States within the framework of their visit in the United States before the annual Conference of the Union of Mayors of the Union said in Baltimore.
Stating that there is a further metro line to Istanbul, Topbaş said that one of these KabataşHe stated that there is a 24-kilometer line starting from Beşiktaş, including Çağlayan over Beşiktaş and going to Kağıthane, Alibeyköy, Gaziosmanpaşa, Tekstilkent and Mahmutbey. Topbaş stated that the line to be built as build and operate is expected to have a capacity of approximately 700 thousand passengers.
Another line of agreement with the Ministry of Transportation, if it is understood to be taken by the Ministry of Bagcilar Kirazlı'dan starting and will be built up to Bakirkoy İDO pier 9 a line that indicates a line Topbas, another line is currently for the Metrobüs line route and they think Silivri planned to be extended to Bakırköy-Beylikdüzü between the metro line will be made between 25 kilometers, he said. This line will be done by the Ministry if the Ministry of Transport said that the Topbas, ”These two lines to give the Ministry, we plan to do the other two lines ourselves. Together with them, we will have a very serious metro line in the center of Istanbul. ”
Kadir Topbas, on a question about the targets of the metro lines, '' Currently we carry a million 200 thousand passengers, 2013 as of the end of the year 5 million passengers will reach. This will carry a very serious rate almost 3 solid passengers. If the planned new metro lines are also completed, we will be transporting 7-8 million passengers by metro. In addition, we will bring the weight to the rail systems up to 30-40s. Bunlar
İDO's sales have come to the last stage, signatures will be taken soon, a portion of the resources will be used in the new buses to be purchased by IETT, public buses will be renewed, he added.
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