Metrobus to Istanbul in 30 seconds!

Kadir Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, attended the opening of the Culture Committee held in Rio de Janerio, Brazil. President Topbaş who came to Istanbul by a plane belonging to Turkish Airlines answered the questions of journalists at the Atatürk Airport VIP Hall.
Topbaş said, “We will put 100 more buses into operation on Friday. The plates of the newly arrived buses have been completed. We make serious investments in public transportation. We have a goal: around 3 thousand buses. We aim to increase the number of these and eliminate congestion. The number of them will increase when successful. Metro constructions are also continuing. ”
Stating that they have to support the maintenance works carried out by the General Directorate of Highways on Fatih Sultan Mehmet and Golden Horn Bridge as a municipality, Topbaş said, “These should be done if periodic maintenance is required. There is a three-month period and a periodic arrangement is brought. We, as the municipality, will provide support to the traffic intensely, in 30 seconds intervals of the metrobus lines, in order to overcome the problems arising due to the estuary bridge maintenance works. ”
Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, two strips, including a regular five-stage work on a regular basis indicating that the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Topbaş said he believes that the people of this issue will show understanding. The use of public transport in Istanbul underlines the increase in the use of topbas, new vehicle purchases and tenders as soon as possible to add to the service of the people of Istanbul, he added.
One press member said, “There has been an intense demand for sea transportation due to road maintenance works. Is there any work on this? ” On the question, Mayor Topbaş said:
“We try to use sea transportation well. Of course, you cannot do the speed you want in the sea and you cannot exceed 6 thousand -8 thousand. But we think it is much more accurate for Istanbul that people prefer sea transportation instead of waiting for hours in traffic. Our city lines intensified the work on this. İDO also supports these works ”
A journalist said, “Although the schools are closed, we see intensive private vehicle use. What do you think about this? ”President Topbaş said,“ We ​​have to ask the drivers. As far as possible, we are more comfortable if several people use one vehicle, even when using public transport and even individual vehicles. In our individual vehicles, the number of people in taxis is not even 1,2 two people. This affects the traffic negatively. A maximum of 200 thousand vehicles per hour can pass through a lane. If there are so many vehicles in one lane per hour, how many lanes you make can respond to the vehicle in 2 million traffic per day. Here, as Istanbulites, we should support each other in this regard. We can make urban life easier together as much as possible. ”

Source: Vatan

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