When will Istanbul meet Marmaray?

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Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, Turkey's major cities said they connect them with the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train and the Marmaray announced the end date.
Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, Turkey's major cities said they connect them with high-speed trains, "Currently, the Ankara-Eskişehir, Ankara-Konya line went into service, we finish the last of the Ankara-Istanbul completely next year, but also a continuation of Marmaray We put into service, "he said.
Turkey Wagon Industry Inc.'s (TÜVASAŞ) Bulgaria joined the ceremony in TÜVASAŞ of luxury passenger cars produced for Railways Yildirim, Turkey's only that they are not the two neighboring countries Bulgaria, historic and said that they were very important to the two neighboring countries with common cultural values.
Yildirim, who recalled that the two neighboring countries had many common values ​​and past coexistence, said:
“Today, we are experiencing the happiness of taking these relationships one step further. TÜVASAŞ, which has a history of more than half a century, has not only met the needs of TCDD, it has also been opened abroad, and has accelerated its export oriented activities for a while. This work, which previously started with exports to Iraqi Railways and some other countries, continues with a comprehensive wagon production and a sleeper wagon production for Bulgarian Railways. Delivery will take place the first batch, Bulgaria Railways will increase passenger travel in comfort and will further intensify the Turkey-Bulgaria friendship. "
Yıldırım thanked Bulgaria's Minister of Transport, Information Technologies and Communication İvaylo Moskovski for trusting TÜVASAŞ and ordering a wagon. ”There is also a word we use. It is called 'whatever is in the bag is in the soup'. Turkish and Bulgarian entrepreneurs know each other very well. This is a great advantage for both countries. Turkish investments are increasing in Bulgaria day by day. Turkish entrepreneurs are doing business in Bulgaria, from the subway construction to the manufacturing industry. Likewise, the 358 Bulgarian entrepreneurs are investing in Turkey, "he said.
- “Continuous rail transportation is being revived with modern Silk Roads” -
Yıldırım said that they have carefully followed the reforms that Bulgaria has put into practice on the railways and that they have followed with appreciation, and that Bulgaria has renewed the existing railway lines.
Yıldırım pointed out that the railway line from Plovdiv to the Turkish border is about to be completed, and said:
"When combined with the connection from Turkey Agility is made much more frequent use of the railway between the two countries will become much more than transportation. Likewise, we launched a comprehensive campaign to invest in building the railways in Turkey, especially in the last 10 years, I want to express on this occasion. Mr. Minister stated that no new wagons have been built for the last 30 years. I am telling you this; you are not alone in this regard. If we do not count the last 10 years, everybody knows the half-century old forgotten period of Turkish railways. ”
Lightning describing in Turkey between the years 1952-2002 can be made each year at an annual average of 18 kilometers of railroad, the finished rail length for each year since 2003 has reported that reached 135 kilometers.
Yıldırım pointed out that they have decided to lift their railways, carry their burden, longing and joy, and that Prime Minister Erdogan has a great support and will.
"Here we are connecting people in high-speed trains, however important cities in Turkey. Currently, Ankara-Eskişehir, Ankara-Konya lines have been put into service and since the day it opened, nearly 7 million citizens have experienced the pleasure, comfort and comfort of traveling by high-speed train. We are completing Ankara-Istanbul completely by the end of next year, and we also put Marmaray into service. Thus, seamless rail transportation between Asia and Europe, from Beijing to London, is revived and re-enlivened with modern Silk Roads. The most important turning point of Ankara-Istanbul high speed train is the stop point, here is Sakarya, Adapazarı.
Adapazarı is not only a city where high-speed train passes, but Adapazarı is also the place where the Black Sea, Karasu-Sakarya train line, which will connect the ports to the Black Sea to Adapazarı-Izmit-Yalova-Istanbul Valley. We started its construction. Good luck, good luck. ”
Explaining that TÜVASAŞ is increasing its production day by day and continuing its export-oriented activities, Yıldırım reminded that the diesel train sets named “Anadolu”, which was developed last year, continue to provide smooth service on the tracks on Anatolian soil.
Yildirim said they decided to replace the train sets on all lines with the new type of trains.
We started between Izmir and Tire, now we aim to spread this to our entire rail network. In other words, there is more work for TÜVASAŞ to do. As long as you work, produce, work ... We do not have a problem with unemployment. Whether TÜVASAŞ, TÜLOMSAŞ, TÜDEMSAŞ, you know how they are here. When we arrived, the closure of these places was spoken. Those days are over. Today, we have a factory that can do business internationally and reach quality. We have a factory that has received awards. How are these happening? Railroad employees first took care of the railways, these things are happening for him. ”
11 thousand kilometers of existing railway network, said they refresh the 7 thousand kilometers from the Lightning, the main parts of the railways, infrastructure and superstructure materials said they become in Turkey.
Yildirim said Turkey has strived to become member of the EU, recalled a time, TÜVASAŞ selling cars in the EU, adding that Bulgaria was able to enter the EU before many institutions.
- Minister Moskovski-
Bulgarian Transport, Information Technologies and Communications Minister Moskovski said he was sorry for the soldiers martyred in Hakkari.
Noting that the railway transportation in their country is in serious trouble, Moskovski said that they were happy to make the long-term delayed strategic wagon investment despite the savings measures in the severe economic crisis.
Moskovski stated that the wagons they will receive meet all EU criteria, ”I would like to say that we will open the modernized railway between Plovoliv and Svilengrad in July. This road allows speeding up to 160 kilometers per hour, and is of great importance for trade relations between the two countries. I hope that such events and projects provide our traditionally good business relations and deepening the relations between the two countries. ”
TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman stated that they have witnessed an important cooperation that the Turkish railway industry products have crossed beyond the borders and started to serve in neighboring countries and stated that the passenger wagons produced by TÜVASAŞ are the work of domestic design, domestic workforce, domestic mind and brow.
At the end of the ceremony, TCDD General Manager Karaman and Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu signed a cooperation protocol to use the railway line between Arifiye and Adapazarı for the new light rail system.
Yıldırım and guest Minister Moskovski visited the wagons and received information from officials.
- passenger wagons produced for Bulgaria
Bulgaria will pay 17 million 2010 thousand euros for 30 passenger wagons, the production of which started within the scope of the contract signed between the Bulgarian Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communication and TÜVASAŞ on 32 December 220. 12 passenger wagons will be delivered at the end of June, 8 next month and 10 at the end of the year.
The 160 is equipped with the information and intercom system, fire alarm system, air conditioning and closed circuit camera system.
- Visiting the Directorate of Safety-
After the ceremony at TÜVASAŞ, Yıldırım visited the Sakarya Police Department with the guest Minister Moskovski and received information about the Tetra Crypto Police Radio from the officials at the MOBESE center, and talked to the crypto radio.
Yildirim, who was calling the Private Pen Manager via radio, got information about his son's wedding preparations. Yıldırım also visited the Passport Branch Office and received information on visa procedures with Bulgaria.

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