ISBAK hosted Europe's ITS giants in Istanbul

ISBAK A.Ş., an affiliate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, hosted the leading companies of the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) sector in Istanbul. Project coordinators of 8 companies from 21 countries came together at the "Instant Mobility Project Workshop" held at Taksim Metro Promotion Center.
With the project, in which Nice, Rome and Trondheim, along with Istanbul, were chosen as the pilot city, it is aimed to combine different transportation models to shape the transportation wave of the future and to provide a vision suitable for urban transportation management. The workshop, which was colored with the participation of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and its affiliate companies officials as well as leading companies from the private sector and expert academicians from various universities, opened the opening speeches of Eyüp Nafiz Korkut and ISBAK General Manager Kasım Kutlu, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality EU and Istanbul International Financial Center (IFM) Branch Manager. continued with presentations and a round table meeting.
The workshop will be completed with sessions to be held at ISBAK General Directorate on June 27 and 28.

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