The Silk Cabbage Tender


The moment when the Silkworm Tramway is awarded The Court: The Chamber of Civil Engineers President Necati Şahin makes bold assessments on the issues on the urban agenda. Therefore, we are one of those who care about what they say.
Sometimes we have comments that we disagree, but we think that the warnings in the sense of technical criticism are very important for Bursa.
He expressed his concerns, concerns and objections about Bursa Transportation Master Plan which was prepared by Metropolitan Municipality yesterday.
The sculpture-İnönü Street-Uluyol-Kent Square-Çarşamba Market-İpekiş-Stadium-Altıparmak-Çakırhamam-Sculpture looks at the T1 tram line projected as a ring line.
There is a lack of plan at the beginning of the reasons for opposing. "This did not stop inside," he said.
He stated that tram lines are bi-directional in all major cities in the world, but that a single ring system was established in Bursa and that the system would not function correctly.
Besides the…
2013 304 thousand passenger demand in the 34 line in the day is foreseen, but the SilkBoat Trolley XNUMX thousand passengers per day capacity of the carrying capacity can not meet the need, he said.
The ...
He claimed that he would only take the taxi cabs that were running on this line, and that he would not solve the problem.
He emphasized that tram systems could not work more than 2 on incline and said ığ Cakirhamam cannot leave when the ramp is full Tram.
For that reason O
He believes that the Silkworm will roam the streets for demonstration purposes.
There are other points of concern.
For example…
Altiparmak-Stadium streets, Cakirhamam, Sculpture, Dörtyol, Uluyol, City Square, Ipekiş intersections such as traffic will stop because of the intersection of serious problems will occur.
After President Sahin told all of this, he explained what they would do as a Chamber:
. We carried the nostalgic tram to İncirli Street. Since we do not believe the T1 tram, which is known as the silkworm, we will sue the Administrative Court when the 25 tender is held in June because it has no technical infrastructure. Ek
By the way…
Sahin, Turkey Wagon Industry produces cars while the cars produced in Bursa also useless.
Hele ...
While the private sector is doing the wagon, the Metropolitan Municipality has invested in test drive investment and the announcement of the project to the bilbordların as a legal problem in the future.
Tram, wagon and overview
We thought about the President of IMO, Necati Sahin, at a press conference yesterday.
The management of the Metropolitan Municipality will draw lessons from their concerns and technical comprehensive criticism.
But there is:
The tram line may not be able to carry all of its passenger capacity, but it is true that transportation is an important solution. Again, we do not mind that the production of wagons in Bursa, the Bursa brand in the wagon is formed.

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