Necati Şahin, Head of İMO Bursa Branch: The Altıparmak-Sculpture line (T1) project planned to be built in Bursa is full of mistakes

Necati Şahin, Head of Bursa Branch of Civil Engineers (İMO) Bursa Branch, who claims that the Altıparmak-Sculpture line (T1) project, which is planned to be carried out by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to relieve transportation in the city center, is full of mistakes, said, “The tram will not relieve the transportation, it will suffocate. If the plan goes into effect in this way, we will encounter a second case of Doğanbey. ”
IMO Bursa Branch President Necati Şahin said that the tram line will paralyze the existing transportation in Bursa. A completely different view of the light rail system kazanŞahin, who defended that it was not a good idea, criticized the Bursa Transportation Master Plan and the T1 line. Stating that the tram, which will operate as a one-way ring system with a length of 6,5 kilometers and with 16 stations, cannot fully handle the transportation load in the city center, Şahin stated that the slope of the floor on which the Sculpture-Garage line will be laid is 8,2 percent, which would be non-standard. Criticizing that the minimum distance between stations is 300 meters, Şahin said that the T1 line will be tendered on June 100000, 1 before the 25/2012 zoning plan is completed.
Pointing out that the T1 tram line contains serious legal inaccuracies, Şahin stressed that the topography of the existing T1 route will carry serious risks since it is not suitable for the tramway operation. Şahin stated that the tram line will not remove any type of transportation other than taxi-minibuses. Noting that the line will have no positive effect on pedestrianizing Atatürk Street, Şahin said, “The line covers a narrow area. Here, the maximum number of passengers planned to be transported per day is 34 thousand. The line contains nourishing and dispersing features to other lines. With the start of the line, private vehicle traffic will not decrease, but will continue. There will be a security hazard in mixed traffic due to the tram line. Traffic jams will be seen. Operation scenarios are not possible due to the short distance between some station ranges. ”
Noting that the T1 line project is an irreversible mistake, Şahin said, “We are in favor of completing the transportation master plan works without being diluted with impositions. According to the result of the transportation study conducted in 1992, we aim to pedestrian Atatürk Street by constructing the Merinos-Altıparmak-Atatürk Caddesi-Gökdere-Ankara Road line with the drilling tunnel of the light rail system. It is no longer difficult to move the rails underground. Barcelona metro did this in 1924. We can do this job. In this way, the urban texture of the region will be perceived in the best way and will be an important attraction center. If the T1 line goes into operation, a second case of Doğanbey may occur in Bursa. ”
Emphasizing that the 21st century will be the century of cities, Şahin said that the share of the existing light rail system in passenger transportation is 8 percent and the minibuses are 11 percent. Reminding that only 2002 percent of the capacity of the light rail system was used in 76, Şahin said, “It reached 2011 percent in 35 and 2012 percent in 28. With the Kestel line coming into operation, this rate will decrease further. The time for the metro to reach the station was originally calculated as 2,5 minutes. Now this time has increased to 10 minutes. With the Kestel line coming into play, trains will stop by every 15 minutes. ”

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