İhsan Bölük: We came to Uyan Bademli!

We will not be able to bring our two sides together as a country, as the mak state-owned sea ele logic, which is the motto of those who are not afraid of stealing these resources, is not to bring the two sources together.
What about eki governance ne, that is, those who aspire to the task with the public and with civil society organizations to take no consideration, no criticism after reaching the goal?
Get it!
Bursa, the efficiency of argued, perhaps after a while to be abandoned with the use of investment worth millions of pounds!
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Sculpture-Garage is taking the tender line tomorrow.
At the beginning of the week, Necati Şahin, Chairman of the Bursa Branch of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, talked sweetly with a stand-up press conference, briefly saying that the tram line called T1 is an unnecessary investment.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe does not care about any criticism.
Is he behaving this way because he thinks he won't care about next elections?
* * *
According to the findings of the experts of İMO Bursa Branch, the T1 line is carrying physical drawbacks as well as physical defects. It is said that;
, It is not possible to meet the passenger demand on this line, which should be the main route of the light rail, with the tram which is the feeding vehicle. This line has never fallen into any academician, no engineer. There is no integration of the T1 line into any system. The T1 line project is an irrevocable error. The chemistry of the transportation master plan has deteriorated. Bursa is not a solution for transportation, it brings problems! Bursa
* * *
The T1 line to be awarded tomorrow will be discussed on Friday at the City Council 29. What will happen to be discussed?
As before, examples of the project, the projected and tenderers who criticized the investment will be taken gas, then again will read the imam know!
Then he said, gel We have come to Wake Bademli! Da

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