Government Do Not Obstacle, We Do In Rail System

Metropolitan Mayor Macit Ozcan, European Bank of Reconstruction and Development Bank of the project signed at the signing ceremony of the project, the loan facility, the light rail system project also evaluated the agenda.
Özcan, talep For the light rail system project, I demanded a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. They said 'okay'. For the implementation of the project, first of all, the State Treasury has to be a guarantor for the loan and then the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development does not need a kefil. This is a big project. It costs around 200 million Euros. We prepared a project for the establishment of a light rail system between Mezitli-Istasyonu and sent it to DLH General Directorate. If we can overcome the political obstacles, to say clearly, if they do not give the CHP as a municipality, we have come to the point where we can start the project. But up to now, we have bureaucratic obstacles on light rail system, we are faced with political obstacles because we are the municipality of CHP. I would also like to know this by the public. Bun

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