Hopa Batumi Railway Connection

Hopa Batumi Railway
Hopa Batumi Railway

At the most eastern end of the Black Sea, we have a port at the 16 km to the Georgian border. Projected in 1962, 1972 completed and construction in Turkey operated by the Maritime Administration of Hope harbor. Parking in this port 1997 with an annual operating time of 30

It was transferred to Denizcilik and Hopa Liman İşletmeciliği A.Ş.

which is active in the Iranian port of transit, this weakening of the door pulled into its shell and customized business at a fraction of the potential and then running under the successful efforts of the new administration has lost the port of Trabzon.

Hope Harbor, the newly introduced name hopaport, a new management approach and with a new manager at the end of the year 2010, restructuring, business development, market creation, infrastructure improvement, new installs presence, began to study the creation of new channels. In the 2011 2010 year according to the amount of the 1,5 remove solids handling port in 2012, 2010 will bring tons in the year doubled the amount of handling.

HopaPort has increased its business potential and handling load in the port and brought a new economic power to the people, transporters, service providers, shopkeepers, hoteliers and restaurants of Hopa.

HopaPort is a sign that our Black Sea ports are no longer ending in Trabzon and we are getting closer to the border. I take pride in seeing the change as an outside eye. I congratulate everyone, from the manager to the employees.

Except for the ports taken over from TCCD; The railway connection, which is the request of all our private ports, is available only in Samsun ports in the Central and Eastern Black Sea.

I have always criticized the lack of a railway line even when there is a single strip in the Black Sea coast road. In the long run, this railroad seems to be waiting for my dream. After all, I can see that the railway connection of the HopaPort port can be established. Easily. Thus, the economic potential of the Black Sea at the end point can occur and the potential present in hopaport I see a business capacity could reach 10 million tons now.

THY performs these routes successfully in air transport. It carries passengers in the form of domestic flights to Batumi Airport, taking them to Havaş shuttles, passing them easily and carrying them at HopaPort, THY Hopa terminal. The return is the same way.

Our road transport was also successfully achieved with the revision and renewal of customs. No obstacles to the sea, we transport every product from the sea to Georgia even with small boats. Of course, we will not expect the construction of the Samsun Hopa Railway line for the railway.
I see the solution as connecting Batumi to Hopa by a railway line. Crazy is not a project, it wants of my dream that I, and Georgia, as well as to Turkey will be a major contribution to the Black Sea, Central Asian Republics, Iran, or even a project that will connect the Eastern Anatolia soon.

A 20-kilometer, single-track railway with a Georgia rail scale will contribute to HopaPort, Hopa, the region's exporter, trader, and industrialist. On this bonded line, passengers will not be transported, as Havaş did, but this time. I believe that a work that can be done with the infrastructure, perhaps with Georgia, maybe with EU funds, or with local support, will revive the easternmost port of our country in the Black Sea and ensure that Hopa is also located in the TRASECA corridor. Each project begins with a dream. Let's be ready to be partners and supporters of the right dreams.



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