Longing to Train at a Jazz Concert in Haydarpaşa

The last concert of the Haydarpaşa Festival, which was held by 26 April 2012-07 June 2012, was held on June Thursday evening by Istanbul University State Conservatory. Chef Levent Altındağ under the management of the Big Band Jazz Orchestra had unforgettable hours.
The presentation prepared by the “Moony Camera” Photography Group added a different meaning to the jazz music. Views of people, workshops, abandoned workplaces and historical building from Haydarpaşa Station were watched with interest…
A group of Haydarpaşa Solidarity components, who have been acting to keep Haydarpaşa as the central station on the Haydarpaşa staircase every Sunday for nineteen weeks, has a exchange of “Haydarpaşa Train Station, Haydarpaşa Train Station,” Haydarpaşa Train Station, “Haydarpaşa People Can't Sell”. They once again expressed their reactions to the transformation project desired to be realized at the station.
After the concert, the direction sign of the VANGÖLÜ EXPRESS was given to the Orchestra Conductor Levent Altındağ by the City and Railway executives on behalf of Haydarpaşa Solidarity. Chef Levent Altındağ thanked this sincere attitude shown to him and stated that he would hang the direction plate on the wall of the University.

Source: kentvedemiryolu.com

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